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Adairsville Sankat Mochan Temple Hall Renting Rules

Sankat Mochan Mandir Darshan Time: 8:45 AM To 8:00 PM

1) Person renting the center will be responsible in providing LIABILITY Insurance: Temple will not provide LIABILITY Insurance.
2) Temple is not responsible for damages to any vehicle parked at the Hall.
3) Security deposit must be paid at the time of reservation.
4) All rental charges must be paid in full within 10 days after making the reservation or one day before the program activity, whichever is earlier. Failure to pay the charges on time results in cancellation of the reservation.
5) The following percent of rental charges will be refunded upon cancellation: 100% -4 weeks prior, 75% -2 to 4 weeks prior, 50% -1 to 2 weeks prior, 25% -0ne day prior.

Adairsville Sankat Mochan

6) An organization to qualify as a member Non-Profit Organization / Association must be an Sankat Mochan Temple hall annual donor prior and current year of the Program activity.
7) Program Sponsorer agree to be responsible for all the damage to Hall, normal wear and tear expected, and agrees that damages is deducted from the deposit. If damages exceed deposit, the difference will be collected from the renter.
8) Program Sponsorer must have a sufficient number of adults presents to supervise all scheduled activities.
9) Program Sponsorer agrees to abide by all fire and other safety regulations and to keep front and side doors unlocked during the program activity.
10) Program Sponsorer must remove all materials brought in to the Hall for the activity prior to leaving the Hall.

11) No Posters, announcements, pamphlets, broachers or any similar material shall be posted or put in the Hall. Program Sponsorer must give such material to appropriate committee member to be out at appropriate places and on the bulletin boards. Any unauthorized posting shall be removed and Program Sponsorer shall be held responsible for any damages.
12) Smoking, Panparag, Manekchand or any Pan Products are prohibited inside the Building.
13) Spitting of panparag is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises. Program Sponsorer will be responsible for such damages.
14) Program Sponsorer must exercise a good faith effort to control children from causing damage to the Hall and it’s property and every effort must be made to keep the Hall clean and trash free.
15) Program Sponsorer shall not put nails or tapes on walls of the Hall.

16) Program Sponsorer to qualify as a Samaj member must produce the proof of Samaj membership.
17) Do not leave any food items in the refrigerator or anywhere in the building.
18) Be sure oven and all surface units are off.
19) All Garbage picked up inside & outside the premises, bagged (in Your bags), sealed and disposed in to the dumpster located Chandra Rug.
20) Each group is responsible for inspecting restrooms and leaving them clean.

21) For dining tables please use paper roll, clothing or other material to keep them clean.
22) Put all tables and chairs back exactly as you found them when you first arrived in the building. A MUST.
23) Any Dispute or questions about the rules for renting the Hall shall immediately be brought to the attention of the President or their designated Samaj office bearer.
24) Hall will not provide any paper products and garbage bags.
25) Non-Vegetarian food will not cooked inside the building, must be cooked outside the premises in the renter’s own utensils not Hall utensils.
26) Strictly No Gambling allow on the premises inside or outside of Hall.

Sankat Mochan Mandir Address:

165 Dodds Avenue SE
Adairsville, GA, 30701
EMAIL: info@sankatmochantemple.org
CALL US: Chandra Tiwari 706-713-1039

Adairsville Sankat Mochan Temple Hall Renting Rules

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