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Adisila Kshetram Modalikallu, Lord Venkataswamy Swamy Temple Mahabubnagar

Adisila Kshetram is the temple near Gadwal where Lord Venkataswamy Swamy is worshipped in the form of Thimmappa. As the name suggests, Modailikallu represents the first stone. Adisila in Sanskrit refers to the first stone. The place was also known as Adisila Kshetram, Girishachalam and Rudrachalam. Gradually Modalikallu renamed itself to Madikal. There is a legendary story that prevails that Lord Brahma had created a rock from which Lord Venkateswara Swamy had originated. Hence the name Adisila Kshetram came into being. Idols of Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Narsimhaswamy, Anantha Seyanamurthy, Sridevi, and Bhudevi are also found in one single rock.


The temple was constructed by the Gadwal ruler Sri Pedda Soma Bhopala. It was later maintained by the other Gadwal rulers. The temple also finds a mention in Brahmanda Puranam. Sacred water body, Pushkarini is present near the temple. Devotees celebrate Brahmostavam on every Margasira Pournami. The place attracts pilgrims from other states like Karnataka as well.

Adisila Kshetram Modalikallu, Lord Venkataswamy Swamy Temple Mahabubnagar

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