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Alampur Garuda Brahma Temple Timings | Jogulamba Temple

Garuda brahma temple is situated on the southern side of bala brahma temple. This temple is 1 km far from alampur bus station. This temple is built in nagara style on an elevated platform, the temple has small mukhamandapa, a large mahamandapa with 18 pillars and a sanctum with cross path. The ceiling of mahamandapam has carving of nagabhandha with seven heads.
Alampur Garuda Brahma Temple
The doorway of the sanctum has garuda, ganga and yamuna. There is an image of brahma performing penance on the above doorway of the temple. The hall consists of round pillars and there is a floral design and human figures. There is a small nandi situated in the mahamandapa facing to the sanctum. The dwarapalakas are situated at four-pillared mukhamandapa. And the outer walls have carvings of Torans, Warriors, Gandharvas and Nagas. The sukhanasi has a round circle left incomplete.

Alampur Garudabrahma Temple Timings:

Morning: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Garuda Brahma Temple Address:

Gadwal District,
Telangana 509152.

Alampur Garuda Brahma Temple Timings | Jogulamba Temple

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