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Annamayya Keerthana – Bhavayami Gopalabalam in English With Meaning

Bhavayami Gopalabalam was wrote by Annamacharya.

Bhavayami Gopalabalam Lyrics in English

bhavayami gopalabalam mana-
ssevitam tatpadam cintayeham sada ||

kati ghatita mekhala khacitamani ghantika-
patala ninadena vibhrajamanam |
kutila pada ghatita sankula sinjitenatam
catula natana samujjvala vilasam ||

niratakara kalita navanītam brahmadi
sura nikara bhavana sobhita padam |
tiruvenkatacala sthitam anupamam harim
parama purusam gopalabalam ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Bhavayami Gopalabalam Meaning

I meditate upon the Little Gopala, Who is served by my mind. I always meditate on those feet.

I meditate upon the Little Gopala, Who is glittering forth due to immense rhyming sound coming from jewel and bell studded waist girdle, and Who is shining forth trembling dances adorned by the sound of feet running in curved trajectories.

I meditate upon the Little Gopala, Who is engrossed in the beautiful new butter-ball in His hand, Whose feet are adorned by the various devoted emotions of Brahma and demi-gods, Who is situated at the mountain of Tirupati as Venkat, Who is without a comparison, Who is Hari, and Who is the best person.

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