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Annamayya Keerthana – Emani Pogadudume in English With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Emani Pogadudume Lyrics in English:

Emani pogadudume ika ninu
aamani sobagula alamelmanga..

Thelikannula nee thetale kadave
velayaga vibhuniki vennelalu
pulakala molakala podulivi gadave
palumaru puvvula paanupulu

Thiyyapu ne movi thenele kadave
viyyapu ramanuni vindulivi
muyyaka musina molaka navvu gade
neyyapu gappurapu neri baagaalu

Kaivasamagu ne kaugile kadave
Sri Venkateshvaruni siri nagaru
thavu konna mee thamakamule kade
kavinchina mee kalyaanamulu

Emani Pogadudume Meaning:

Oh Alamelumanga, how to praise your beauty which is so colorful as the Spring season.

Are’t your sparkling smiles the moonlight to your consort? You blush with gentle smiles. In fact they are like pleasant flower beds.

Your honey-like lips are a feast to your Lord. Your gentle smiles are sometimes hidden and sometimes visible. Your red lips have the fragrance of camphored ‘Tambulam’.

You captivate him in embrace which is itself a rich palace for Sri Venkateswara. You both are enamored in love and your sport is divine festival to the world.

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