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Artihara Stotram Lyrics in English With Meaning

Artihara Stotram by Sri Sridhara Venkatesa.

This is a short poem consisting of nine verses. Herein the poet prays to Lord Siva to remove the afflictions of the devotee. He asks if it is alright for the Lord not to respond to his prayers when He is reputed to protect those who even think of Him. Then he says that he is just the opposite of the Lord who is omnipotent and omniscient in that he is a weakling and ignoramus. How is it, he asks, that Lord has not taken pity on him. These verses are very moving in their appeal. The poem is a precious gem and the reader would like to add it to the collection of hymns they recite during their prayer.

Artihara Stotram – English Lyrics & Meaning:

Sri Shambo, mayi karunaa sisiraam drushtim disan Sudha vrushtim,
Santhapamapakuru may manthaa paramesa! Thava dhayaayasyam. ॥ 1 ॥

Oh Lord Shiva, by turning your merciful glance on me, create a rain of nectar,
And remove all my sorrows and Oh Lord of all, by doing It, I would know your mercy.

Avaseedhaami yadhaarthibhir anu gunamidham moha somahasaam kalu may,
THava sannava seedhaami yadhanthaka saasana, na thathavanu gunam ॥ 2 ॥

it seems appropriate for me who is the seat of sins, to undergo such sufferings,
But Oh God who punished Yama, but it is not proper for you to see a devotee like me suffer.

Deva, smaranthi thava ye theshaam smarathopi naarthireethi keerthim,
Kalayasi Shiva paaheethi krandhan seedhamyaham kimuchitham idham. ॥ 3 ॥

Oh God, you have the fame that even devotees who think of your devotees do not suffer,
But I, in spite of keeping on appealing to you, “please save me “, undergo suffering. Is it ok for you?

Aadhisyagha kruthou maam antharyamin nasaa vaga athmethi,
Aarthishu majjayase maam kim broyaam krupaika pathramaham. ॥ 4 ॥

Oh Lord who enthuses from inside, after encouraging me to do sins,
You drown me in sorrow as I have done sin and What can I do as your devotee?

Mandhaagraneer aham thava mayi karunaam ghatayithum vibho, naalam,
Aakrushtam thaanthu baladhala miha madhainyamithi samasvasimi ॥ 5 ॥

I am the best among fools  and so “Oh Lord, it is not proper for you to show mercy on me.”
But I am satisfied feeling that my suffering is capable of pulling you forcefully.”

Thwam sarvajnohaam punarajno aniso aham easwarasthwam asi,
Thwam mayi dhoshaan ganayasi kim kadhaye thudathi kim dhayaa na thwaam.

You all knowing one and I am an idiot, you are God and I am bereft of strength,
In spite of that you find fault with me and what shall I do if you do not like mercy ॥ 6 ॥

Aasritham aartha tharam maam upekshase kimathi Shiva, na kim Dhaya se,
Sritha gopthaa deenarthi hrudhithi khalu samsanthi jahathi sanathasthwaam ॥ 7 ॥

Oh Lord Shiva, why are you neglecting me who depends on you and Is in great pain, Why no mercy?
Though the great sages say that you protect those who surrender to you and remove their sufferings.

Praharaa harehi vadhi banitha madhaakhya ithi paalitho Bhavatha,
Shiva, Paahithi vadho aham sritho na kim thwaam kadham na palyasthe ॥ 8 ॥

You have even protected people who said “Prahara, Aahara” as someone who told your name,
And how can  I who have surrendered to you saying ‘hey Lord Shiva protect me.”, is not being protected by you.

Saranam Vraja  Shiva marthossa thava harethithi sadaam giraam thwaam,
Saranam gathosmi palaya khalamapi theshveesa, pakshapaathaan maam. ॥ 9 ॥

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Artihara Stotram Lyrics in English With Meaning

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