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Ashtamichira Mahadevar Temple History

Situated very close to the Ashtamichira junction, the Mahadeva Temple here is believed to be one among the 108 Siva Temple of Kerala (“Kodumboor Ashtamikkovil Pattanakkadu Thashtayil ” – from the 108 Shivalaya Nama Stotra). A very humble temple to see, its true feel is however punctured here and there in the form of big arch and contemporary flooring. But the vast water body (chira) just behind the temple gives it a very auspicious feel.

Inside the chuttambalam there are two deities of Lord Shiva – one is swayambhoo in the form of Mrityunjayamoorthy called Thekkum Thevar and the other is Parvathi sametha Siva called the Naduvil Thevar. The Naduvil Thevar should be the one consecrated by Lord Parasurama. Ganapathi, Sastha and Bhadrakali are also worshiped inside the chuttambalam. The structure of the temple is a little different from others. The temple has two entrances to the chuttambalam. One sacrificial stone (Ballikallu) is placed outside the chuttambalam and another one is inside – in front of the Swayambhoo Siva. Outside, there is yet another sub-shrine of Lord Shiva in the form of Kirathamoorthy, called Vadakkum Thevar. There are sub shrines for Nagas and Lord Krishna as well.

Ashtamichira Mahadevar Temple

The main sanctum of Naduvil Thevar is two storied square structure – a simple design but with very old charm. The sanctum of Swayambhoo Lord Shiva is a circular structure (Vatta-sreekovil), but the railings and new paint gives it a modern impression. Lord Shiva here is facing East. The well inside has a very old feel. The modern granite floor of namaskara mandapam and tile flooring in few places is unfortunately compromising this temple’s modest appearance. This temple is managed by Cochin Devaswam Board.

“The name Ashtamichira might have originated from the ‘Ashtamoorthy Chira’, Lord Shiva is known as Ashtamoorthy for he has eight forms. The temple also has eight deities which too could be the reason for this place name.”

Ashtamichira Mahadevar Temple Address:

Kerala – 680731.

Ashtamichira Mahadevar Temple History

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