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Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Timings, History, Services, Puja

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Timings:

Week Days: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Weekends: (Sat & Sun) 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

About Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple:

The Jaya Hanuman Temple and Cultural Center (JHTCC) will operate as a “non-profit” organization whose main purpose is to serve the devotees of the Northwest, to promote and nurture the Hindu lifestyle. The organization will have the religious purpose of serving as a place of worship for the faithful, as well as a place of promotion and celebration of Indian culture, through its cultural wing. The organization will provide a place for all, regardless of ethnicity and background, to practice and knowledge of India’s culture, traditions and values. For those who are anxious to have religious-oriented Northwest settlers worship in Vedic traditions, this is the largest source of service demand that JHTCC will offer.

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple History:

1) JHTCC started in 2013 in Seattle
2) Seattle Hanuman Temple was opened in Aug 2nd 2014.
3) 1st Hanumath Jayanthi Celebration 1008 Vada Mala was put for Urchava Hanuman 1st time – 12/21/2014
4) Prana Pradhishta of all Gods (Kumbhabishekam) – 2/5/2015 – 2/8/2015
5) Hanumanth Jayanthi Celebration – 4/4/2015
6) 8Ft Hanuman Arrives – 8/7/2015
7) 8Ft Hanuman Pradhishta – 9/11/2015 – 9/13/2015
8) Portland Jaya Hanuman Temple Opened – Aug 2016
9) 7ft Hanuman and Perumal and all other God Arrives – 12/8/2016
10) Opening Day Celebration – Portland Jaya Hanuman Temple – 12/16/2016 – 12/18/2016
11) Pradhishta of all Gods (Kumbhabishekam) – 2/9/2016 – 2/12/2016

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Mission:

Our core mission is to foster and nurture Vedic indian culture and arts to all the Asian Indians settled here in King County and Seattle area.

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Keys to success:

Provide religious services in traditional manner as prescribed in Vedic scriptures
Conducting classical cultural and arts program – by renting School Auditoriums in the Greater Seattle Area
Preach Veda and traditional Hindu Values
Provide discourses on philosophy and teachings inscribed in vedic texts

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Organization Summary:

We set up our temple with deities prescribed in Vedic texts. As defined in our scriptures, our activities include the following.

a) Offering daily prayer to gods both in morning and in evening
b) Special prayers on all auspicious days as per Hindu calendar.
c) Veda Chanting on every week
d) Classical singing, instrumentals including Violin, Mridangam, Gatam, Flute, Tabla, etc.

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Services:

Here is the list of common services offered by Pooja. Some of the Poojas can be practiced in the temple. If you want to make a pooja, which is not listed here, send us an email or contact the Temple office.

1) Engagement
2) Wedding
3) Bhoomipooja or Shankusthabanam
4) Gruhapravesam
5) Satyanarayana Vratam
6) Gruhapravesam & Satyanarayana Vratam
7) Ganapathy Homam
8) Navagraha Shanthi
9) Seemandham
10) Punniyagavachanam
11) Naamakarnam
12) Annaprasanam
13) Nakshthira Shanthi
14) Mundan Pooja
15) Ayushya Homam
16) Aksharabyasam
17) Sudharshana Homam
18) 60th, 70th or 80th Birthday
19) Hiranya Shraddam
20) Car Pooja
21) Sundhara Kaand Parayan

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Weekly Puja Schedule:

Monday: 7:00 PM Rudrabhishekam & Shiva Archana
Tuesday: 7:00 PM Hanuman Chalisa
Wednesday: 7:00 PM Veda Classes
Thursday: 7:00 PM Hanuman Vadamala Offering
Friday: 7:00 PM Lalitha Sahasranamam Parayanam
Saturday: 11:30 AM Navagraha Abhishekam, 7:00 PM Sri Vishnusahasranama Parayanam

Monthly Puja Schedule:

Sunday: 1st 7:00 PM Durga Abhishekam, 4th 7:00 PM Ayyappa Abhishekam
Thursday: 2nd 7:00 PM Hayagriva Abhishekam
Friday: 4th 7:00 PM Mahalakshmi Abhishekam
Saturday: 1st 7:00 PM Hanuman Abhishekam, 2nd 10:00 AM Venkateshwara Abhishekam

Nakshatra Puja Schedule:

Shravana: 7:00 PM Srinivasa Kalyanam

Tithi based Puja Schedule:

Sankatahara Chaturti: 7:00 PM Ganesha Abhishekam
Skanda Shasthi: 7:00 PM Subramanya Abhishekam
Trayodasi: 7:00 PM Rudrabhishekam

• Archanas will be done during temple hours.
• For puja service at your locations please contact temple at (425) 818-8277
• Annadanam and other Seva opportunities available please contact temple at
(425) 818-8277
• Want to volunteer? Please contact temple at (425) 818-8277

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Address:

Jaya Hanuman Temple & Cultural Center
17235 NW Corridor Court, Suite #175
Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: 971-713-2133 (Temple) 503 915-6330 (Cell)
E-mail: pdxinfo@jayahanumantemple.org

Beaverton Jaya Hanuman Temple Timings, History, Services, Puja

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