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Bhadrakali Temple Nepal, Timings, Address

Pokhara is a beautiful town of Nepal which has many historical temples that signify the ancient culture of this country. Bhadrakali temple located in the east of the city is one of them.

Bhadrakali temple, previously known as “Mudule Thumpko”, was built in the year 1817. The temple is situated at 230 ft. above the sea level and is surrounded by lush greenery with a peaceful environment. There is a legend behind its origin which says that Goddess Bhadrakali told the priests to dig the hill and when they did so they found the statue of the Goddess and from then onwards it was worshipped as “Bhadrakali”.

Bhadrakali Temple Nepal

Maha Kali Temple Address:
Nepal – 44600.

Bhadrakali Temple Nepal, Timings, Address

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