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Biological Tests For Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Prasadam

Tirumala 5-10 – 2016:

The labs of TTD are planning to setup some micro biological tests for the water and other oils used in the preparation of the prasadam.

The objectives are as follows:

1) To test the pulses and oil and the water that is being used on daily basis.
2) The laddu in each and every tray are checked for the weight and purity.
3) The ghee samples and the milk used in making laddu prasadam and also tamarind and jaggery and the powders like chilli and turmeric are to be checked in these labs before they are used in the prasadam.

In 2015 a total of 105238 are checked and 104503 samples are being checked in the year 2014 and in this year about 60,000 and so on
All the roads and the complexes of anna prasadam and vaikuntam queue complexes are all implemented with mechanization for the road cleaning.
Tirumala 05/10/16 The TTD health wing which is maintaining a staff of about 500 who are all working permanent staff and this is considered as the major of all the wings. This is also running with about 2000 staff that is being outsourced and all included working together twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to serve the pilgrims and also to keep the premises of the temple clean and also hygiene. Other than cleaning the temple and maintaining hygiene these people are also involved in the important role of testing the foods and the prasadam and also the samples of drinking water that is being used in the preparation and they are trying to make sure that no food or water is being adulterated.

Sophisticated Laboratory:
Dr. Sermista said that people who are consuming this prasadam of laddu and annadanam are being tested thoroughly which is not known to man people and all are receiving this prasadam with great devotion and are taking to their homes to distribute to the others. There are a lakhs of pilgrims taking these prasadams every year and we are doing our best and keeping our staff alert to avoid any kind of impurities from that prasadam. We are putting our efforts to maintain and protect the trust and the belief that people have in Lord Venkateswara Swamy by taking care of any small lapse. All the jala prasadam and all the laddu prasadam and anna prasadam are checked by the staff to make sure that no impurity is spoiling or causing any bad remark to the TTD as well to the god and the services.

Meanwhile the food research laboratory was got wind of in the year 1980 to visualize quality parameters of laddu and others. However it will take about seven weeks that induce verification of providers and finished merchandise from the CFTRI labs at Mysore. What began as a tiny low exercise in testing of food things has currently developed into a major important center of all the TTDs major activities of prasadams for all the devotees, and the poor, and also to all the students at both the places of Tirumala and Tirupati and become as a role model in the of its own establishment on its own deserves. We are going to presently begin the micro-biological testing procedures of drinking water and also alternative liquids that are provided by TTD to make sure that all these are safe and also healthy, says Dr Shermita.

A Team of Seven Analysts:
The analysis team has seven numbers of analysts who are professionally trained and guided by a senior analyst. The analysts are supposed to take care of all the analysis that is being carried in the Food Analysis Lab. This lab is facilitated with many sophisticated equipments to analyze the laddu prasadam and anna prasadam that is being served to all the pilgrims. The motto of this service is to enhance the sacred glory and the reputation of Sri Lord Venkateswara Swamy  all over the world and to provide high quality prasadam that is completely free from contamination and also free from fungus. This divine prasadam is purchased by lakhs of pilgrims through online services and also at the counters.
The senior analyst Smt M Sushma Ramana Reddy of the food Laboratory said that we are testing about thousand trays of laddus for the quality parameters in amount of condiments and additionally the quality of the ingredients that are utilized in the laddu preparation are also maintained as per standards that are set by the Dittam (traditional parameters). “Cashew nuts are selected to a quantity of 23.5 gms, raisins are 12.5 gms, and almonds of 8.2 gms and sugar about 6.2 gms and the levels of moisture is additionally ought to be 12 percent in every of big laddu that is prepared.

Adding the higher than amounts, solely provides a period of 5-7 days for the very precious and also the holy prasadam to stay sensible for consumption even after that long. Wherever there’s a lapse we will immediately inform the management to select that tray and also the total batch from which the tray is selected is to be stopped from circulation and the total batch will be analyzed, she added.

The chief of Health Wing Dr Sermista said that the science lab came upon in 1980 has return an extended approach from simply analyzing the 15 kitchens and to analyze all the 45 other commodities, and liquids used and also the powders etc. “The efficaciousness of our work is shown on each and every day as we tend to analyze all the food recipes and also the ingredients that are being supplied to all the pilgrims in the anna prasadam complex and in the Vaikuntham queue complexes, and all the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam run canteens in all the educational establishments, hospitals, guest homes across Tirumala and Tirupati’, she says.

More Gadgets for  Testing:
The TTD food science laboratory has came up with the spacious complex that is opposite to Sri Varahaswamy guest house and it is completely equipped with all latest gadgets that are used to analyze the quality standard of the pulses and oils as well as the clarified butter, drinking water and additional food ingredients. “We have all the required testing tools for both chemical and also the physical checking of sugar, jaggery, milk, and butter milk against adulteration and coloring and various other alternative impurities. ‘We check each tender sample and additionally the samples of all the spices and powders etc said, Dr Sermista.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has non heritable BR meter and also sophisticated Spectro proto meters, muffle chamber for checking the tamarind and jaggery. It’s distinctive VV instrument to check the fiber content in pepper and turmeric etc within the same process and the water samples are taken from all the 30 locations in Tirumala and Tirupati daily on random places.

Cleaning of Potu and Kitchen:
Dr Shermista explained that “We make sure it is cleaned everyday for proper hygiene each period with all the ingredients that are being used traditionally therefore on not hurt the emotions of the pious and additionally following the ancient agama sastra in cleaning and all the cleaning process is not just for potu floor additionally the walls up to 5 feet are cleaned to get rid of any residues of all sorts once in a fortnight.

Asked regarding the longer term road map of the Food laboratory, Dr Sermista announced that the Food laboratory can shortly taking up the micro-biological testing for all the liquids as well as water to improve the standard of the food, water, butter milk and milk products provided to several pilgrims at Tirumala and the patients in around hospitals, and students in educational institutions and the poor people in Tirupati.

Biological Tests For Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Prasadam

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