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Boy Baby Names Alphabet S -page 8

Sulabh - easy to get Sulalit - graceful
Sumant - king's minister, intelligent person Sumanyu - heaven
Sumit - well measured Sumitr - good friend
Sunam - good name ( fame) Sunandan - happy
Sunay - best neeti, best path of life Suraj - sun (Surya)
Suresh - godof suras (Lord Indra) Surendra - lord of suras (Lord Indra)
Surnath - Lord Indra, lord of suras Surya - sun
Suryabhan - sun Suryaprakash - sunlight
Sushant - quiet, peaceful person Sushil - virtuous
Suyash - good result, victory Swagat - welcome
Swaraj - liberty, freedom Swarup - figure
Swapnesh - king of dreams Swapnil - seen in a dream, dreamy
Sudama- meek or humble person, Lord Krishna's pauper friend
Sugriva - one with graceful neck, king of monkeys
Suhas - one with beautiful smile/ laughter
Sukanth - one with a sweet voice, one with graceful neck
Sumitranandan - sons of Sumitra (Lakshman & Shatrughna)
Sundar - beautiful, pleasant to the eyes/ears
Sunil - dark blue, red lotus, pomegranate tree
Suparn - one with nice feathers ( Garud)
Surjeet - conquerer of the suras ( sur - god, opposite of Asur(demon) )
Suryakant - loved by the sun, a shining crystal
Sutosh - one who becomes happy easily
Suvrata - strict in religious vows (Subrata)

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