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Charanamu le Nammiti Lyrics in English | Ramadasu Keerthana

Charanamu le Nammiti English Lyrics:

charanamu le nammiti nee divya charanamule nammiti ॥

varadhi gattina bhadrachala varada varada nee divya ॥

adi Sesha nannara mara jeyaku mayya nee divya ॥

vanamuna ratini vanitaga jesina charanamu Saranamu nee divya ॥
padara vindame adharamani ne pattiti pattiti nee divya ॥
baguga nannelu bhadrachala rama dasuda dasuda dasuda dasuda ॥

Charanamu le Nammiti Meaning:

Oh, Rama, I have absolute faith in your divine feet.

You built a bridge across the sea. Oh, benevolent Lord of Bhadrachala, You bless us with boons.

You are primordial. You are Adi Shesha. Please don’t doubt my devotion.

By the very touch of your holy feet, a stone turned into a beautiful woman (Ahalya was cursed by Gautama to become a stone). I hold your lotus feet with absolute faith as my prop. I am always your servant. Oh Rama, protect me well.

Charanamu le Nammiti Lyrics in English | Ramadasu Keerthana

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