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Charleston Hindu Temple and Cultural Center Priest Service

Outside Temple Services require preauthorization by the Executive Committee
All requests for Priest services must be accompanied Priest Service Request form shown below
Service will be booked on a first come, first served basis
Temple will require a fee to be paid as listed below.
Fee can be paid online or by Check/Cash at the temple.
Customary dakshina may be offered directly to the Priest for his services
Devotee must compensate the Priest for round trip travel from Temple to the site of service and back at a rate of $0.50 per mile
No private services will be scheduled in conflict with scheduled Temple activities
The following samaghris will be provided by the temple. Deveotees are required to bring Fruits, Flowers and Naivedyam for Pooja.
Pooja samaghri for all the poojas
Pooja Samaghri for Havan (Homam)

The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center accepts VISA, DISCOVER, MASTER CARD and AMEX and has signed up with Paypal for all online Payment validations and processing. Please note that we DO NOT store credit/debit card numbers, nor do we share your details with any 3rd parties.

Priest Services inside Temple:

Archana: $ 11.00
Abhishekam: $ 21.00
Anna prasanam: $ 31.00
Ayushyam homam (birthday pooja): $ 101.00
Kalayana utsav: $ 251.00
Namakaranam (Naming ceremony): $ 31.00
Navagraha pooja: $ 81.00
Navagraha pooja with havan: $ 101.00
Satyanarayana Vratham: $ 101.00
Shashtipurthi (60 year birthday): $ 101.00
Shrimantham (baby shower): $ 101.00
Sudarshan homam (havan): $ 101.00
Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony): $ 151.00
Vahana /vehicle pooja: $ 21.00
Vidhyarambham (aksharabhyasam): $ 31.00
Wedding ceremony: $ 251.00
Other poojas: $ 81.00
Other homam (havan): $ 101.00

Charleston Hindu Temple and Cultural Center

Priest Services Outside Temple:

Anna prasanam: $ 81.00
Ayushyam homam (birthday pooja): $ 151.00
Kalayana utsav: $ 251.00
Namakaranam (Naming ceremony): $ 81.00
Navagraha pooja: $ 101.00
Navagraha pooja with havan: $ 151.00
Satyanarayana Vratham: $ 151.00
Shashtipurthi (60 year birthday): $ 151.00
Shrimantham (baby shower): $ 151.00
Sudarshan homam (havan): $ 151.00
Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony): $ 251.00
Vidhyarambham (aksharabhyasam): $ 81.00
Wedding ceremony: $ 351.00
Grihapravesham (house warming): $ 151.00
Other poojas: $ 101.00
Other homam (havan): $ 151.00

Charleston Hindu Temple and Cultural Center Priest Service

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