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Chennai Sri Venkateswara Perumal Temple Timings

Sri Venkateswara Perumal Temple or Sri Balaji Temple or T Nagar TTD Temples is a famous temple Vaishnava temple located on Venkatnarayana Road, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu. The presiding deities in this temple are Lord Venkateshwara with his consort Alamelu Mangai. Lord Venkateshwara has a beautiful crown adorning him embedded with precious stones. The majestic deity stands tall from Pheetam to Kreetam and was sculpted at Mamallapuram near Chennai out of a single rock. The deity Lord Venkateshwar looks very similar to the one Swayambhu in Thirupathi. At the right foot of the lord is a small silver idol which is called Bhoga Shreenivasa or Kautuka Bera. This idol is loosely bonded to the main Moolavar (main) idol by a string.

Devotees can book TTD Tirumala Darshan tickets, Dairies, Calenders and also get Tirumala Laddus from the T.Nagar Office. The Information center for this temple is Thirumalai Thirupathi Devasthanam. People who like to commute to Thirupathi from Chennai can receive all information from here. This office functions on Saturdays and Sundays. This devasthanam will be closed every month 2nd Monday all Tuesdays and other national holidays.

On entering the temple complex, one can see the Bali Peetham and the tall Dhwaja Stambha (flagstaff). Next to the Bali Peetham and the Dhwaja-stambham, there is a Thiru Mamani Mandapam. This is the entrance hall, with dimensions exactly the same as at Thirumala temple. In this entrance hall, the two statues of Dwara Baalakas Jaya and Vijaya are seen. There is also the Ardha Mandapam and Garbha Graham (sanctum sanctorum) built according to the Aagama/Shilpa shastras. The architecture is almost a replica of the sacred Thirumala Shrine. The inner dimensions of the Garbha Graham are similar to that of Thirumala Thirupathi. Below the Mani Mandapam is Kalyana Mandapam.

Before reaching the main god, you can see Lord Hayagrivar engraved in gold and silver. As you exit after the main darshan (vision), you see Lord Ranganathar in his resting posture along with Goddess Laxmi, Bhoo Devi, and Brahma. There are also a few beautiful Panchaloha idols of Shreenivasa with Shreedevi and Bhoodevi. These are known as Utsavar (procession) idol images for festivities.

There are also the idols of Shree Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya. There are also the beautiful idols of the Shree Krishna with Rukmini. These images are similar to those at the Tirumala Srivari Temple. There is also an image of Shree Chakkarathalwar — Shree Sudharsana. On the other side of the same idol is the image of Shree Narasimha. In the Ardha Mandapam, is the Panchaloha idol of Shree Ramanuja. The Shreevari Hundi is housed patterned after Thirumala in the courtyard.T.Nagar TTD Temple

People can stand close to the lord and see the omnipresent lord looking divine, powerful and smiling. The advantage for people here is they can stand really close to the deity and pray for a few minutes. Thousands of devotees visit this temple on New Year’s Day to seek the blessings of the Lord and Goddess. The people are not allowed to enter beyond the Ardha Mandapam. Just behind the Ardha Mandapam is the Garbha Graham (sanctum sanctorum) where the Lord stands smiling majestically.

Madras Venkateswara Perumal Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

TTD T.Nagar Temple Darshan Timings:

07.30 AM to 10.45 AM Darshan
10.45 AM to 11.30 AM Naivedyam Break
11.30 AM to 02.00 PM Darshan
02.00 PM to 03.30 PM Suddhi & Alankaram Break
03.30 PM to 05.00 PM Darshan
05.00 PM to 05.30 PM Naivedyam Break
05.30 PM to 08.00 PM Darshan

No Darshan During Naivedhyam Time.
On Parakamani Days I.e.., 1st Sunday & 3rd Sunday and Every Friday Temple Closes from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM.
On Special Functions and Festivals the above Programs & timings may be Changed and Displayed on Notice Board.

How to Reach Tnagar Balaji Temple:

By Air:
The nearest airport is Chennai International airport.

By Rail:
Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore are the two main long-distance train stations. The nearest railway station to this temple is the Mambalam railway station.

By Road:
The temple is near the T Nagar bus terminus. Buses are available to T Nagar from all points and locations in Chennai.

T Nagar Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Address:

New No:26 Old No:50,
Venkatanarayana Road,
T Nagar,
Tamil Nadu – 600 017.

Chennai Sri Venkateswara Perumal Temple Timings

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