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Dargah Hazrath Saidani-Maa-Saheba Hyderabad, Telangana

The tomb belongs to the mother of the noble Abdul Haq Diler Jung, who was known as the great personality under the Asaf jahis. It is situated near boat club at Tank Bund.

The frontage of this tomb has five arches and the three of them were placed at the center, the remaining two were placed on the either side of the wall panel.

The ground floor and first floor of the tomb is decorated with an attractive style combining Qutb shahi, Asaf Jahi and European elements. After a long time this place has became a tourist place and you can reach this place easily. This tomb is situated on the main road with attractive designs on the walls. It is constructed on the square platform flanked by ornamented minarets.

How to Reach Saidani Ma Saheba:

The capital city of Hyderabad is Telangana, which is well connected from all parts of India through airways, roadways and railways. The Dargah Hazrath said and-Ma- saheb Tomb is situated near the Shore of Hussian Sagar Lake at the junction of Hyderabad and secunderabad which is beside to the main road.


Dargah Hazrath Saidani-Maa-Saheba Hyderabad, Telangana

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