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EkashlokI Bhagavatam Lyrics in Oriya


॥ ଏକଶ୍ଲୋକୀ ଭାଗଵତମ୍ ॥

ଆଦୌ ଦେଵକିଦେଵିଗର୍ଭଜନନଂ ଗୋପୀଗୃହେ ଵର୍ଧନମ୍
ମାୟାପୂତନଜୀଵିତାପହରଣଂ ଗୋଵର୍ଧନୋଦ୍ଧାରଣମ୍ ।
କଂସଚ୍ଛେଦନକୌରଵାଦିହନନଂ କୁଂତୀସୁତାଂ ପାଲନମ୍
ଏତଦ୍ଭାଗଵତଂ ପୁରାଣକଥିତଂ ଶ୍ରୀକୃଷ୍ଣଲୀଲାମୃତମ୍ ।

ଇତି ଶ୍ରୀଭାଗଵତସୂତ୍ର ॥

Shri Krishna’s charitam in short is that he is Devaki’s son,
Gopi’s admiration, Putana’s killer, holder of Govardhan Giri,
slayer of Kansa, destroyer of Kauravas, protector of Kunti’s sons
and the central figure of Srimad Bhagavata PurAnam.


Starting with birth from the womb of Devaki, growth in the
house of cow-herds, killing of Putana, lifting of
Govardhana mountain, the cutting of Kamsa and the killing
of kauravas, protecting the sons of KuntI – This is
BhAgavataM as told in the epics. This is the nectar of Shri
Krishna’s LIlA (sport).

This is an aphorism on Srimad Bhagavatam.

ଆଦୌ = In the beginning;
ଦେଵକିଦେଵିଗର୍ଭଜନନଂ = the one born of the womb of god-like Devaki;
ଗୋପୀଗୃହେ = in the house of cow-herd woman;
ଵର୍ଧନଂ = the increasing or growth;
ମାୟାପୂତନଜୀଵିତାପହରଣଂ = ?? ;
ଗୋଵର୍ଧନୋଦ୍ଧାରଣଂ = the lifter of the mountain Govardhana Krishna;
କଂସଚ୍ଛେଦନକୌରଵାଦିହନନଂ = the cutting of Kamsa and the killing of kauravas;
କୁଂତୀସୁତାଂ = sons of Kunti;
ପାଲନଂ = bringing up; rearing;
ଏତଦ୍ଭାଗଵତଂ = this one book or story relating to God;
ପୁରାଣକଥିତଂ = as told in the `purANa’;
ଶ୍ରୀକୃଷ୍ଣଲୀଲାମୃତଂ = the nectar-like story of the respectable Krishna;
ଇତି = thus;
ଶ୍ରୀଭାଗଵତସୂତ୍ର = the story of god, Krishna in a short form;

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