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Festivals Celebrated on Tirumala Hills in 2018


January 2018
January 1st New Year’s Day
January 2nd Purnima
January 3rd Punarvasu
January 12th Ekadasi
January 14 Bhogi
January 15th Makara Sankranthi
January 16th Kanuma and Amavasya
January 17th Tirupati Sri G.T.Adhyayanotsavam Begins
January 18th Sravanam
January 24th Ratha Saptami
January 26th Republic Day and Krittika
January 27th Rohini
January 28th Ekadasi
January 30th Punarvasu,
January 31st Chandra Grahanam.

main tirumala temple

February 2018
February 6th Srinivasa Mangapuram, Sri KVS Brahmotsavam Begins, Sri K.T.Brahmotsavam Begins,
February 9th Sri G.T. Adhyayanotsavam Ends
February 10th Srinivasa Mangapuram Garuda Seva
February 11th Ekadasi
February 13th Srinivasa Mangapuram, Sri KVS Rataotsavam, Maha Sivarathri
February 14th Srinivasa Mangapuram Sri KVS Brahmotsavam Ends, Sravanam
February 15th Amavasya, Sri K.T. Brahmotsavam Ends
February 23th Krittika
February 24th Rohini
February 25th Sri T.T. Float Begins
February 26th Ekadasi, Punarvasu.

March 2018
March 1st Sri T.T. Float Begins, Holi
March 2nd Purnima
March 13th Ekadasi
March 14th Sravanam
March 16th Sri K.R.T. Brahmotsavam Begins, Amavasya
March 18th Sri Vilambi Nama Samvatsara, UGADI
March 20th Matsya Jayanthi
March 22nd Krittika
March 23rd Rohini
March 24th Sri K.R.T. Brahmotsavam Ends, Srirama Navami
March 26th Punarvasu
March 27th Ekadasi, Tirupati Sri K.R.T.Pattabhishekam
March 29th Sri T.T. Vasantotsavam Begins
March 31th Purnima, Sri T.T. Vasantotsavam Ends

April 2018
April 10th Sravanam
April 11th Ekadasi
April 14th Masa Sivarathri, Dr. B.R. Ambedhkar Jayanthi
April 16th Amavasya
April 18th Krittika
April 19th Rohini
April 20th Sankara Jayanthi
April 22nd Punarvasu
April 25nd Sri T.T.Padmavathi Srinivasulu Parinayam
April 26th Ekadasi
April 28th Nrusimha Jayanthi, Vengamamba Jayanthi, Sri PAT.Vasantotsavam Begins
April 29th Annamacharya Jayanthi, Purnima
April 30th Sri PAT. Vasantotsavam Ends.

May 2018
May 1st May Day
May 7th Sravanam
May 8th Tirupati Gangajatara Begins
May 10th Hanumajjayanthi
May 11th Ekadasi
May 13th Maha Jayanthi
May 14th Masasivaratri
May 15th Amavasya, Tirupati Gangajatara Ends
May 16th Krittika
May 17th Rohini
May 19th Punarvasu
May 21st Tirupati Sri G.T. Brahmotsavam Begins
May 25th Ekadasi
May 29th Purnima, Tirupati Sri G.T. Brahmotsavam Ends

June 2018
June 4th Sravanam
June 10th Ekadasi
June 12th Krittika, Masa Sivarathri
June 13th Amavasya, Rohini
June 15th Buddha Jayanthi
June 16th Punarvasu
June 23rd Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Float Begins
June 24th Sri T.T. Jyestabhishekam Begins
June 26th Sri T.T. Jyestabhishekam Ends
June 27th Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Float Ends
June 28th Purnima

July 2018
July 1st Sravanam, Krittika, Ekadasi
July 10th Rohini
July 11th Masa Sivarathri
July 17th Anivara Asthanam
July 18th Sri G.T.Pushpayagam
July 23rd Ekadasi
July 27th Guru Purnima, Chandragrahanam
July 28th Sravanam.

August 2018
August 6th Adi Krittika
August 7th Rohini, Ekadasi
August 9th Punarvasu
August 10th Masa Sivarathri
August 11th Amavasya
August 15th Independence Day
August 16th Garuda Panchami, Kalki Jayanthi
August 20th Sri T.T. Pavitrotsavam Begins
August 22nd Ekadasi
August 23rd Sri T.T. Pavitrotsavam Ends
August 24th Varalakshmi Vratam
August 25th Sravanam
August 26th Purnima, Sri Vikhanasa, Hayagreeva Jayanti.

September 2018
September 2nd Krittika
September 3rd Rohini, Gokulashtami
September 5th Teachers Day
September 6th Punarvasu, Ekadasi
September 8th Masa Sivarathri
September 9th Amavasya
September 12th Sri Varaha Jayanthi
September 13th Vinayaka Chavithi, Sri T.T. Brahmotsavam Begins
September 17th Sri T.T. Garuda Seva
September 20th Ekadasi, Sri T.T. Radhatsavam
September 21st Vamana Jayanthi, Sravanam, Sri T.T. Brahmotsavam Ends
September 23rd Ananta Padmanabha Vratham
September 25th Purnima, Mahalaya Amavasya
September 29th Krittika.

October 2018
October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi
October 3rd Punarvasu
October 5th Ekadasi
October 8th Masa Sivarathri
October 10th Sri T.T. Navarathri Brahmotsavam Begins
October 14th Sri T.T. Navarathri Garuda Seva
October 15th Saraswathi Puja
October 17th Durgastami, Sri TT Radhosavam
October 18th Sravanam, Vijayadasami, Sri T.T. Navarathri Brahmotsavam Ends
October 19th Sri T.T. Parveta Utsavam
October 20th Ekadasi
October 24th Purnima
October 27th Krittika
October 28th Rohini
October 30th Punarvasu.

November 2018
November 3rd Ekadasi
November 6th Naraka Chaturdasi, Masa Sivaratri
November 7th Amavasya, Deepavali
November 11th Nagula Chavaithi
November 14th Sravanam, Sri T.T.Pushpayagam
November 19th Ekadasi
November 23rd Sri K.T.Karthika Deepotsavam, Purnima, Krittika, Sri K.T.Mukkoti
November 24th Rohini
November 27th Punarvasu.

December 2018
December 3rd Ekadasi
December 4th Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Brahmotsavam Begins
December 5th Masa Sivaratri
December 7th Amavasya, Sri T.T. Adhyayanotsavam Begins
December 8th Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Gajavahanam
December 11th Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Radhostavam
December 12th Sravanam, Panchami Teertham (Sri PAT)
December 16th Dhanurmasa Begins
December 18th Vaikunta Ekadasi
December 20th Krittika
December 24th Punarvasu
December 31st Sri T.T. Adhyayanotsavam Ends.

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