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Baby Names Alphabet Y

Yaagnya Yaashitha – success
Yachana – Pleading Yadavi – Goddess Durga
Yahvi – Heaven, Earth Yalini
Yaksha – A sister of Daksha Yamika – Night
Yamini – Nocturnal Yamuna – Holy river
Yamuni Yamura
Yamya – Night Yashasvi – Famous
Yashasvini Yashawini – To succeed
Yashica – Success Yashila – Famous
Yashita – Fame Yashmita
Yashodhara – Glory Yashvi
Yashomati – successful lady Yasmin – Jasmine flower
Yasti – Slim Yatudhani
Yauvani – Same as Gayatri Yauvani -same as Gayatri
Yavonne – Indian name for beautiful Yayaati – Wanderer, Traveler
Yashoda – Foster mother of Lord Krishna
Yema – Our Joy Yenjal – angel
Yemitha – Queen of Buffalos
Yochana – Thought Yogeshwari – Goddess Durga
Yogini Yogya
Yonita Yoshita – lady
Yousha – Young girl
Yogita – A female disciple, Bewitched, enchanted
Yojana – A unit of measure for long distances, A Plan
Yuktha – Bounded with Goddess Lakshmi charms
Yukti – Trick, solution Yuti – union
Yutika – Flower Yuvati – Young lady
Yuvraani – Princess
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