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Goa Rudreshwar Temple Timings

Shri Rudreshwar Temple, which is half a km from Arvalem Caves, where the ancient Rudreshwar linga is worshiped, is located in Bicholim Taluka at a distance of 45 km from Panaji. Goa Rudreshwar Temple was recently built on the site of a very ancient site and is also known as Lord Shiva Temple. The main deity is Lord Shiva worshipped as Rudreshwar. The word ‘Arvalem’ denotes Marathi’s word ‘Haravali’. ‘Haravali’ means greenery and towards all the sides of the temple, nature has been beautified by green color.

The idyllic Harvalem waterfalls are nearby. The image of Rudreshwar is in front of the waterfall. Leaving the Rudreshwar temple, you can descend the stairs to see a majestic waterfall pouring out its lush silver rains.

Mahashivaratri festival attracts large crowds and is celebrated amidst much joy and splendor in that the temple is open to all Hindus regardless of caste and creed. However, the temple grows in importance as Hindus perform rites for the dead.
Goa Rudreshwar Temple

Shree Rudreshwar Devasthan Address:

Rudreshwar Colony,
Goa – 403505.

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