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Govindas Dublin | IRELAND ISKCON Temple

IRELAND ISKCON Temple supports a growing number of spiritual activities every week, including classical Vedic scripture and yoga studies, devotional service by ashram dwellers and community members alike, and a weekly celebration with song and feasting which is free and open to the public. There is a Govinda restaurant accompanying this center.

IRELAND ISKCON Temple Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 12.00 Noon – 9.00 pm
Sunday: 12.00 Noon – 7.00 pm

Sunday: 3:00 pm Sunday Feast (music, food, and philosophy)
Monday: 7.00 pm Online Class with HG Mahatma Das
Tuesday: 6:30 pm Kirtan (shared chanting & music)
Wednesday: 7.00 pm Vedic Studies (First Semester starting 11th Oct)
Friday: 7.00 pm Kartik Special Friday Kirtan

Govinda's Kirtan Centre Dublin

Annual Festival Ratha Yatra:

Ratha Yatra, or Festival of the Chariots, is a re-enactment of a sacred journey of Lord Krishna celebrated for hundreds of years on a massive scale in Jagannath Puri, India, as well as in centers of devotion to Krishna all over the world today, including Ireland.

The Vaishnava devotees in Dublin have held a Ratha Yatra every year since 2004. The City of Dublin clears the streets for our enormous, hand-pulled chariot to travel from the Garden of Remembrance down to St. Stephen’s Green, carrying the three deity figures of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva, and Lady Subhadra.

Once these deities are enshrined on the Green, the park becomes an afternoon celebration of Indian culture with Vaishnava music, singing, dancing, dramatic works and philosophy. In the midst of the free entertainment, we conduct a Sunday Feast on a grand, outdoor scale with all welcome to share our prasadam… free, delightful vegetarian food.

If you have never heard of the Ratha Yatra before, please find more information at the Ratha Yatra Ireland website and plan to attend with all your friends for an unforgettable fusion of Indian and European cultures. If the Ratha Yatra is already close to your heart, every year we need volunteers and sponsorship to make this event a success, so click the button below to find out how you can help.

IRELAND ISKCON Temple Address:

83 Middle Abbey Street
Dublin 1, IRELAND
+353 (0)86 212 0452

Govindas Dublin | IRELAND ISKCON Temple

4 thoughts on “Govindas Dublin | IRELAND ISKCON Temple

  1. Hi I would like to visit temple I live in uk Leeds’s can I stay at the temple if I can make a donation I would’ve grateful to stay Sunday to Monday as I do not know anyone in Ireland and offer help in temple 👀👉🌟🙏

    1. Dear Krishna Devi
      We just shae the Information. Try to contact the temple by phone or by mail.

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