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Guidelines for Women – Girls to enter Temple

Women, during their menstrual cycle, are open energy channels and, as a result, they become more sensitive to the energies of the environment. Negative energies can enter and positive energies easily dissipate through them now. This time, of course, women have the opportunity to come in and rest deeply. It is a window to advance spiritually if the relationship with it is healthy and wise.

Guidelines for Women

a) During a woman’s cycle (menstrual period), she should not go to the Temple, Temple ceremonies, near the Pandit, and even near sacred objects inside the house. Your cycle must be completed before resuming any of these activities.

b) Those who visit the Temple should not touch or hug a woman who is resting after washing and dressing for her visit. If the children visit the Temple, the father could help them to get dressed if necessary.

c) While a woman is in her cycle, she must allow others to cook and handle any food or anything that is taken to the Pandit or Temple.

d) While a woman is in her cycle, it is better for her to stay indoors.

e) The use of mantras should be interrupted during the first 4 days of a woman’s cycle since the physiology is particularly sensitive during this time.

Guidelines for Women – Girls to enter Temple

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