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Hanumath Pancha Ratnam Stotram Lyrics in Tamil With Meaning

Hanumath Pancharatnam Lyrics in Tamil:

॥ ஹனுமத்பஞ்சரத்னம் ॥
வீதாகி²ல-விஷயேச்ச²ம் ஜாதானந்தா³ஶ்ர புலகமத்யச்ச²ம் ।
ஸீதாபதி தூ³தாத்³யம் வாதாத்மஜமத்³ய பா⁴வயே ஹ்ருʼத்³யம் ॥ 1 ॥

தருணாருண முக²-கமலம் கருணா-ரஸபூர-பூரிதாபாங்க³ம் ।
ஸஞ்ஜீவனமாஶாஸே மஞ்ஜுல-மஹிமானமஞ்ஜனா-பா⁴க்³யம் ॥ 2 ॥

ஶம்ப³ரவைரி-ஶராதிக³மம்பு³ஜத³ல-விபுல-லோசனோதா³ரம் ।
கம்பு³க³லமனிலதி³ஷ்டம் பி³ம்ப³-ஜ்வலிதோஷ்ட²மேகமவலம்பே³ ॥ 3 ॥

தூ³ரீக்ருʼத-ஸீதார்தி: ப்ரகடீக்ருʼத-ராமவைப⁴வ-ஸ்பூ²ர்தி: ।
தா³ரித-த³ஶமுக²-கீர்தி: புரதோ மம பா⁴து ஹனுமதோ மூர்தி: ॥ 4 ॥

வானர-னிகராத்⁴யக்ஷம் தா³னவகுல-குமுத³-ரவிகர-ஸத்³ருʼஶம் ।
தீ³ன-ஜனாவன-தீ³க்ஷம் பவன தப: பாகபுஞ்ஜமத்³ராக்ஷம் ॥ 5 ॥

ஏதத்-பவன-ஸுதஸ்ய ஸ்தோத்ரம்
ய: பட²தி பஞ்சரத்னாக்²யம் ।
சிரமிஹ-னிகி²லான் போ⁴கா³ன் பு⁴ங்க்த்வா
ஶ்ரீராம-ப⁴க்தி-பா⁴க்³-ப⁴வதி ॥ 6 ॥

இதி ஶ்ரீமச்ச²ங்கர-ப⁴க³வத: க்ருʼதௌ ஹனுமத்-பஞ்சரத்னம் ஸம்பூர்ணம் ॥

Hanumath Pancha Ratnam Stotram

Hanumath Pancha Ratnam Stotram Meaning:

I think about the son of Vayu in my mind,
Who is devoid of all desires of enjoyment,
Who sheds copious tears of joy,
Whose hair stands erect at His thought,
And who is the great emissary of the Lord of Sita

All my life I yearn to see that Hanuman,
Who is the good fortune of Anjana,
Whose face is as red as the rising Sun,
Whose glances are full of the mercy,
Who brought back the dead in the battle,
And whose fame is great.

My only refuge is Hanuman,
Who had reddish lips like the Bimba fruit,
Who is the enemy of the arrows of Manmatha,
Who has broad eyes like lotus leaves,
And whose neck is like a conch.

Let the form of Hanuman,
Which drove away the sorrow of Sita,
Which made known the prowess of Rama,
And which destroyed the fame of ten headed Ravana,
Shine before me.

I Saw Lord Hanuman,
Who is the result of penance of God of wind,
Who is the leader of all monkeys,
Who is similar to the Sun God to water lily,
To the hoards of Rakshasas,
And who is he protector of the suffering humans.

He who reads these five gems,
Which are the poems of praise of,
The son of God of wind,
Would become a devotee of Lord Rama,
And would enjoy his life for a long time.

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Hanumath Pancha Ratnam Stotram Lyrics in Tamil With Meaning

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