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Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Timings, History, Events

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Timings:

Saturday, Sunday and Monday: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Aarti Schedule:

Morning Arati: 10:00 AM Saturday & Sunday and at 10:30 AM on other days.
Evening Arati: 6:00 PM Saturday & Sunday / 8:00 PM Tuesday & Thursday / 7:00 PM on other days.

About Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple:

Hindu Bhavan is a dream that took root a decade ago when a group of Indians in the Research Triangle area seeking to strengthen their ties to one another, to their religion, and to their cultural heritage, formed the Hindu Society of North Carolina. In the early years the members of the Society met in the basements of private houses, or in rented halls, for religious festivals or group prayers {sat- sanga, kirtan, katha-vachan, etc.). Their number was under one hundred and the prayer sessions never attracted more than a few dozen people at one time. Although these temporary quarters served their purpose well, the lack of a permanent and more spacious home (Bhavan) soon became a serious impediment to the growth of the Society. In fact, the number of members declined gradually from 99 in 1977 to 85 in 1980.

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple

With prayerful determination, the search for a “home” was begun and final- ly led to an old building on 214 Ashe Avenue in Raleigh. Although in a rather dilapidated condition, the price tag of $40,000 was high for the meager resources of the Society. However, there was no turning back; with generous donations from the members and personal guarantees by some members of the
Board of Directors, the building was purchased in December 1980, opening its doors to the community in January 1981. Thus the first Hindu Bhavan in Research Triangle was born — the cherished dream became a reality.

This historic event proved a turning point in the history of the Society. Thereafter the membership rose dramatically from 101 in 1981 to about 400 in 1985, (currently standing at about 500). The Ashe Avenue Bhavan, bought with so much enthusiasm and faith, had room only for about 200 people and could not accommodate ensuing unprecedented growth in membership. But dreams
begot dreams: a new aspiration was born — for a bigger and better facility.

The next step was to undertake a drive to raise funds for a new building. In addition to making personal monetary donations, members now contributed time and talents by arranging fundraising events such as dances, concerts, bazaars and festivals. Some members once again offered themselves as personal guarantors for bank loans. In September 1984 the perseverance and foresight of the working body of the Society and its members resulted in the ultimate purchase of a six- acre plot in Morrisville, at the cost of $70,000. The dream was now in the hands of the dreamers; they were ready to shape its reality.

Design of the building was not just a matter of space accommodation. The blueprint of the building would have to be flexible enough to satisfy every shade of opinion among the members, who sought to bring the rich diversity of its Indian heritage to the new home. Arriving at consensus on almost every issue, from the specific floor plans to selection of the murtis (idols) of chosen gods and their sizes, to the choice of building materials, took the form of endless debate. However, the final decisions were always reached in a spirit of harmony.

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Few Major Events:

Krishna Janmashtami Festival
Ganesh Festival
Navaratri Festival
Dushera Program and Ravan Dahan
Govardhan Puja (Annakut)
HSNC Temple

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Weekly Events Calendar:

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Monthly Events Calendar:

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Address:

The Hindu Society of North Carolina
309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone Number: 919-481-2574

Important Email Addresses:

Rental: rental@hsnconline.org
Events: events@hsnconline.org
Finance: finance@hsnconline.org
Religious: religious@hsnconline.org
Membership: membership@hsnconline.org
Summer Camp: summer.camp@hsnconline.org
Communications: communications@hsnconline.org
Web team: info@hsnconline.org, webteam@hsnconline.org

Hindu Society of North Carolina Temple Timings, History, Events

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