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Hosur ISKCON | Radha Krishna Sankirtan Mandir Hosur

About Hosur ISKCON:

Located about 40 kilometers southeast of Bangalore, Hosur is home to a very enthusiastic group of devotees from ISKCON.

Hosur is a town in Tamil Nadu with nearly a million inhabitants and is a reputed business center, with a large retail market in gold ornaments and jewelry and high-tech industries.

The first center of ISKCON was inaugurated with some enthusiastic faithful in the Veera bramhendra swami temple by H.G.Munisresta Goura Dasa according to the divine instructions H.H.Jayapataka Swami Maharaj during his visit to Coimbatore. Later, it was moved to the current location of the Sri Rama temple complex. The temple is currently run by H.S. Srinivasa shyam dasa and also serves as project director for the following temple.


Today, our temple has hundreds of faithful and congregations full time. The main festivals are Sri Krishna Janmasthami, Govardhana Puja, Gaura Purnima, Radhasthami, Nrsimha Caturdasi …

Every year, a large public festival is held in public places like Kalyana Mandapam with international speakers, bhajans and prasadams.

Saturday Love Feast:

In hundreds of cities and towns around the world, it is well known about Hare Krishna Sunday “Love Feast”. started by Divina Gracia A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada during 1960s in the United States of America, soon the “Feast of Love” has become a popular phenomenon among young and old people of ALL races and beliefs.

Today, Sunday Festivals are a regular event in more than 1,000 Hare Krishna centers around the world, and hundreds of affiliated centers, even more Naam Hattas, and private homes. But in Iskcon Hosur, it is celebrated as a holiday of love on Saturday because of local convenience.

Saturday’s feasts are a safe environment where the faithful and friends of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness can come together, sing together the Holy Name of the Lord, discuss and listen to the philosophy surrounding the ancient Vedic culture of India and to participate in honoring the sanctified foods that have been offered with love to Krishna, the supreme personality of God.

In accordance with the ISKCON tradition, Hosur organizes the Love Feast program each
Saturday night. The program begins with Darshan Arathi, Sankirtan, Bhagavatam class followed by Prasadam.

You can donate to this party by contacting us via a call or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address.

Hosur ISKCON Address:

ISKCON Hosur-District Head Quarters:
H.G.Srinivas Shyama Dasa
Temple President,
ISKCON Hosur-District Head Quarters
Sri Rama Temple Complex,
Nethaji Road,
Land line : 04344-226222
Tel:9543498445, 8925258530
E-mail : iskcon_hosur@rediffmail.com

Proposed new temple @ Hosur

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Sankirthan Mandir,
Jaya nagar-Housing Colony,
Via-Alasanatham, Hosur-635109

ISKCON Denkanikotta
H.G.Murali Ram Dasa,
Sri Sri Krishna Balaram mandir,
Hare Krishna road,
Off-Anchetti main road,
Tel: 9566356192

ISKCON Krishnagiri
H.G.Jaya Goura Jaganath Dasa,
2/53-A,2nd cross,
Co-operative colony, Krishnagiri.
Tel: 9500542463
E-mail : iskcon.krishnagiri@rediffmail.com

ISKCON Kaveripattinam
H.G.Annuthama Krupa Dasa,
111/252,paneerselvam street,
Tel: 9003560870

Hosur ISKCON | Radha Krishna Sankirtan Mandir Hosur

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