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How can I get Married in Tirumala – Tirupati Temple

How can I get Married in Tirupati Temple:

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam established a ‘Purohita Sangham’ (an association of priests) which conducts marriages at a fixed fee. The Purohit Sangham Office is located within the precincts of India Coffee House in Tirumala. It performs rituals according to South as well as North Indian traditions.

TTD has some cottages expressly for performing marriage functions. Some of the Religious Mutts in the Mada Streets also have built marriage halls. Apart from this, there are some professional marriage agencies in Tirumala who perform these ceremonies on a turn-key basis. At Tirupati, the TTTD has a few marriage function complexes on Tiruchanoor Road. Since these halls are always in demand, you will need to at least four to six months advance.

Further TTD has provided the facility of marriage registration at the office located at :

TTD Marriage Registration Office
Sanku Mitta Cottage (SMC) 233 A & B
Telephone: 0877-2263326/2263433

After conducting the marriage by Purohit Sangham, the Bride and Bridegroom are required to produce the following documents at the office :

  1. Age Proof of Bride and Bridegroom
  2. Residence Proof of Bride and Bridegroom
  3. Wedding Photos
  4. Wedding Card
  5. Marriage Receipt from Purohita Sangam, Tirumala
  6. Three Persons are required to sign as Witnesses.

For more details, you may please contact TTD Helpdesk

How can I get Married in Tirumala – Tirupati Temple

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