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Hyderabad Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium History, Timings

History of Ravindra Bharathi:

This is the primary Tagore Theater in Bharat to be prepared for the inauguration of Tagore Centenary Celebrations once three of Tagore’s plays were created by the 3 Universities in province Viz. The Andhra University, Osmania University and Sri Venkateswara University.

Ravindra Bharathi is a prestigious National theatre, constructed by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh in the name of Sri. Rabindranath Tagore, This the first Nobel laureate from Asia, to serve the cultural needs of Andhra Pradesh.

Ravindra Bharathi has conjointly been given two numbers of water coolers for the advantage of the visiting public.
The stage of Ravindra Bharathi is being arranged with a false proscenium and double side wings with each translator and turning movement, unit sets and painted curtains for contemporary and traditional play. Counter Weight Fly’s for fast amendment of scenes also are being contemplated.

Air conditional plant was put in within the place of previous A.C. plant that went out of order with a price of Rs 13.75lakhs within the year 1979.

The stage measures one zero five foot, wide 48 ft, deep and forty eight foot height and is supplied with necessary stage lighting and sound reinforcement system. There are two giant sizes inexperienced space with four cubicles in every.
The area encompasses roominess for 1004 (768 seats within the main area and 336 seats within the balcony with padded seats).
The theatre is assigned to non-public parties on a nominal charge of rent. The govt. of province in cultural Affairs Department has been transcriptions the programmes as Government programmes and also the theater are going to be given freed from rent and on the premise of the programmes remuneration are going to be paid by the government.

ravindra-bharathi-auditorium-hyderabadA noteworthy feature of the history of Ravindra Bharathi is that the size of stage, that measures 105′ feet ,48 ‘ deep and thirty eight height and is given star spots, baby sports, 2 foreign follow spots, picture to and bottom lights, front or house lights, acting space floods and batten lights in 108 circuits connected to twenty four dimmers. The stage encompasses a proscenium gap 37′ * 18’ with 42/30 wood floor as acting and dance space. The theatre is supplied with a sound reinforcement system providing twelve channels for microphones with loud speakers distributed over the complete area.

The history of Ravindra Bharathi originally was Government organization and was later created an autonomous body in 1963. At present Ravindra Bharathi is below the executive management of the cultural affairs Department. Government of province has appointed secretary to seem when the affairs of Ravindra Bharathi in month 1996.

In recent years the cultural activity within the Twin Cities has picked up and there’s a significant demand. At the present there’s a program daily sometimes 2 or a lot of every day during this prestigious theater. The common public is given a chance to fancy the programmes in Ravindra Bharathi organized by Department of culture freed from price.

Nature of Programs Held in Ravindra Bharathi:

Cultural Programs:
Cultural Programmes
Dance Drama
Dance Performance by Amateurs and Classic Music performances by Invitations .

Cultural Programmes Organised by tickets / donations:

Cine Related Programs
Cinema 100 days celebrations
Cinema Abhinandana Sabha
Cinema Awards
TV Shootings

Amateur programs:

Overstayal charges for each hour or part thereof for Amateur programmes

Amateur programmes Organised by tickets / donations:

Programmes of Schools and Colleges:

Overstayal Charges of the Programmes
Rehearsals For Schools and Colleges
Shamiana for (in front of canteen) Lunch Purpose

Governament Programs:

Orther Private Programs:

Schedule of Rents in Ravindra Bharathi:

1) Cultural Programmes, Dance Drama, Dance Performance by Amateurs and Classic Music performances. (Parties shall submit an undertaking stating that the program has no sponsors and the admission is open to all by free entry). Rent: Rs.5,000/- Deposit: Rs.5,000/-

2) Cultural Programmes Organised by Invitation / tickets / donations / sponsors. Rent: Rs.10,000/- Deposit: Rs.10,000/-

3) For all other programmes of 4 hours i.e. Cinema 100 days celebrations, Cinema Abhinandana Sabhas, Cinema Awards, Seminars, Meeting, Conferences. Rent:Rs.10,000/- Deposit: Rs.10,000/-

4) Film shooting for 8 hours (from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. only). Rent:Rs.25,000/- Deposit: Rs.25,000/-

5) Overstayal charges for each hour or part thereof for Amateur programmes. Rent: Rs.1,250/-

6) Charges for extension of programs organised by Tickets / Donations. Rent:Rs.2,500/-

7) Programmes of Schools and Colleges. Rent:Rs.10,000/- Deposit: Rs.10,000/-

8) Overstayal Charges of the Programmes school programmes. Rent:Rs.2,500/-

9) Shamiana space for (in front of canteen) Lunch Purpose. Rent:Rs.5,000/-

10) General Lighting: For commercial Rs.3000/- Non Commercial. Rent: Rs.1500/-

11) Hoarding at the entrance of Ravindra Bharathi 20′ x 8′ size Rent per day Rs.300/-

12) Rental for Ticket Counter. Rent: Rs.200/-

13) Hoarding at the entrance of Ravindra Bharathi 10’x10’ size rent per day. Rent: Rs.100/-


15) Cleaning Charges: Rs. 1500/- FOR COMMERCIAL, Rs. 1000/- FOR NON COMMERCIAL.

16) Building illumination is Permitted. The party has to Pay Rs.1500/- towards the Electricity Charges. The Party Has to Prone The Generator at their own Cost for illuminations.

17) Mini Theatre / Conference Hall ( For 4 Hours ) – 100 seats capacity. Rent: Rs.2500/- Deposit: Rs.2500/-

18) Ghantasala Kala vedika – 300 seats ( we provide sound system; 100 chairs). Rent: Rs.3000/- Deposit: Rs.3000/-

Ravindra Bharathi Payment Methods:

1)Payment can be paid as DD or Banker cheque in favor of Secretary, Ravindra Bharathi. The DD or cheque should be submit at Ravindra Bharathi office between 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM. Other mode of payments are not accepted.

2) Local parties from twin cities should pay there payment within 3 working days of the booking. Parties not from twin cities should pay there payment within 7 working days of the booking. If cancelled the booking will be cancelled.

Ravindra Bharathi Timings:

Monday to Saturday: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Every Second Saturday Holiday
Sunday: Closed

Ravindra Bharathi Address:

Near State Assembly,
Lakdikapul Road,
Telangana – 500004.
Contact : 040-23233672.

Telangana Government had planned to construct new Ravindra Bharathi building by demolishing the old and released the new design.new-ravindra-bharathi-auditorium

Hyderabad Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium History, Timings

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