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Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple Daily Rituals, Pooja Benefits, Timings

Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple Timings:

Morning: 4.30 AM to 9.30 AM
Evening: 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple Daily Rituals:

4.30 AM Palliyunarthal
5.30 AM Nadathurakkal, Nirmalya Darsanam
5.45 AM Abhishekom
6.00 AM Malar Nivedyam
7.00 AM Usha Pooja
9.30 AM Ucha Pooja
Nada adakkal / Doors Closed
5.30 PM Nadathurakkal
6.30 PM Deeparadhana
7.30 PM Athazha Pooja
Nada adakkal / Doors Closed

Ganapathi Homam: To evade all obstructions

At Thekkedathu Temple

Bhasmabhishekom: For perpetual prosperity (To appease ‘Mahadeva’ to get rid of all bad omens.)
Pooja Materials: Vellanivedyam (simple rice), Palpayasam (milk porridge), Koottupayasam (jaggery porridge), Neypayasam (the above with ghee), Koovalamala, Pin vilakku, Niramala- chuttuvilakku.

Mrithyunjaya Homam: For curing of diseases and peaceful death.

Mrithyunjaya Pushpanjali: To cure minor illness

Sathrusamhara Pushpanjali: To get rid of enmity.

Aikamathya Pooja: To avoid or end quarrels.

Sree Sooktham: For prosperity (To get rid of all evils) Purusha Sooktham, Rudra Pushpanjali, Ashtothara satha namarchana.

Nalikeram (coconut) muttu: To avoid bad fate (Sani dosham)

Karikku (tender coconut) nivedyam: For peaceful day to day life

To Maha Ganapathi:

Pooja is performed for Prosperity and clearance of Obstacles.
Pooja Materials: Ottayappam, Karukamala, Nalikeram(coconut), Abhishekom with milk/coconut water.

Enna (gingelly oil) vilakku: For prosperity

At Vadakkedathu Temple:

Pooja is performed To get a suitable consort and immediate marriage.
Uma Maheswara Pooja, Sumangali Pooja, Thaliyum Pudavayum, Ina Pudava, Swayamvara Pushpanjali.

Dampathi (Couples) Pooja : For a long and undisturbed married life
Pooja Materials: Mala (Garland with Special white flowers), Neypayasam, Appam, Panchamritham, Palpayasam.

Enna vilakku : Prosperity of day to day life.

Abhishekam with Milk/Tender coconut/Water, Dhara for Mahadeva (To evade all bad omens)

Chuttuvilakku, Niramala : For prosperity of the whole family

Manjal (Turmeric) Para and Malar Para : For Prosperity

Brahmani Pattu (Special offering here) : To appease Sree Parvathy

Special Offering:

Pooja performed For clearing all obstacles of marriage and also to have an offspring
Pooja Materials: 12 measures (Para) of Malar, (Approximately 15 Kg Malar)

To Karottamma Temple

Guruthi (This can be performed at a maximum of one per week):
To end enmity and all ill effects and all round security.

Pattu (Red silk cloth) Charthal: For allround blessings from the mother goddess

Niramala, Chuttuvilakku: Prosperity

Brahmanipattu: To appease mother goddess

To Sree Dharma Sastha:

Abhishekam (Ghee/Milk/Gingelly Oil): To compensate all sins – known or unknown

Koottupayasam: To counter all bad effects

Replica’s of organs: To cure related dise

Niramala Chuttuvilakku: Allround prosperity

To Yakshi:

Palpayasam (Milk Porridge): To preserve health and prosperity of women

Vettilayum Pakkum (Betel leaf and areca nut): For long youthful life of women

To Nagaraja (Serpant Gods)

Pooja performed To counter harms done to serpants, to cure skin diseases and over all protection.
Pooja Materials: Noorum Palum, Turmeric Powder, Kadali pazham, Vilakku.

To Nandikeswaran

Pooja performed For protection of cultivation
Pooja Materials: Mala (Garland), Vella Nivedyam (Simple rice)

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