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ISKCON Sri Govind Dham Nigdi, Ravet, Pune

Nigdi ISKCON Temple Timings:

4:30 AM to 1.00 PM and 4.30 PM to 9:00 Pm

Sri Govind Dham Daily Schedule:

4:30 AM – Mangala Arati
5:15 AM – Tulsi-Puja
7:15 AM – Sringar Darshan
7:30 AM – Guru Puja
8:15 AM – Bhagavatam Discourse
12:30 PM – Raj Bhoga Arati
4:30 PM – Usthapana Arati
7:00 PM – Sandhya Arati
7:30 PM – Bhagavad-Gita Discourse
8:45 PM – Shayana Darshan with Kritan

ISKCON Sri Govind Dham Nigdi

Sri Govind Dham Nigdi History:

The Sri Govind Dham Temple has a very interesting story from its beginnings. The preaching began at Gopal Acarya das house in 1993. He worked and preached very hard. The number of people was increasing day by day. They started having a program at the Krishna temple in Nigdi. People started coming from everyvere. They were not allowed to have a temple. Nigdi’s devotees begged and wept for a temple. The Gour Nitai deities stay with bramacharis at Ravet, near the banks of the Pavana River. Radhanath Swami Maharaj did the Bhumi Puja. A small ashram and a small temple of rope, bamboo, cane and stones were built. The construction of the tamal was carried out in 2 years. March 21, 2011 the temples were opened by Maharaj.


ISKCON – Sri Govind Dham
Sr. No 189/3A,B, Sector No.29
Near Akurdi Railway Station,
Bhaktivedant Swami Marg,
Ravet, Pune 412101
Email : srigovinddham@gmail.com

Phone : 020 – 65301836

ISKCON Sri Govind Dham Nigdi, Ravet, Pune

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