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ISKCON Temple Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has been the center of Vedic studies in Croatian for almost twenty years and the most important activities are the publication of Vedic classics, such as the Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavata Purana, Upanishads and the organization of festivals, seminars and workshops on the subject. importance of learning. the ancient Vedas. to the life of modern man Promote environmental awareness, vegetarianism and healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to encourage the need for a holistic lifestyle and to help honest researchers on the road through quality information, quality literature, audio and video materials, seminars and workshops, and personal advice. Holistic life involves a balance between physical (material), social, intellectual (mental), emotional and spiritual needs.

ISKCON Temple Zagreb, Croatia


II Bizek 36 Zagreb,
Croatia – HR 10 000
Phone:+385 91 4295877
Fax: +385 (1) 3490695
Email: zagreb.temple@pamho.net, zagreb.temple@gmail.com

ISKCON Temple Zagreb, Croatia

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