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Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham, Mehabubnagar Telangana Tourism

The Peetham was initially named as Srikshetra Sri Vallabhapuram a follower of the Datta cult. The cult is connected to Lord Dattatreya. The Datta temple was constructed about 700 years ago by His holiness Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vittalananda Saraswati Maharaj. This peetham was in honour of the pilgrim Sripad Srivallabha.
Sripad Srivallabha after getting the permission from his mother had left the earthly pleasures and had travelled to the far Northern states of India for the Humane cause. He took dis in many Holy rivers, visited many holy places and temples, met great souls. On his way, he converted many unjust persons to just and good persons. He cured the diseases so many. Using his spiritual wisdom or Gyana he could change the hearts of many. He could make the sin confess his sin and the victim forget the sin caused to him. He was engaged in correcting the defects of many, both physical as well as psychological. He also spread the benefits of yoga.

Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham-Pasupula-Makthal-Mehabubnagar

Finally Sripad Srivallabha chose Kuruvapuram Agraharam, a place on the banks of River Krishna to settle down. He used to bless the devotees who came here to seek his blessings. People who used to visit the place often could recognize Lord Dattatreya and served Sri Pada Sri Vallabha as the human form of Lord Dattatreya. These disciples could also see the divine figure of the Lord.

The stone on the other side of the bank of Krishna has a stone which still has the impressions of the hands and feet of Sripad Srivallabha. It is said that he used to go to this side and perform the Surya Namaskar on this stone. There are also some leelas of Lord Dattatreya in this land which one could see.

History of Sri Pada Sri Vallabha:
Lord Shri Krishna had promised His believers that He would come back to the Earth from Vaikuntha in some form whenever there is an increase of adharma over dharma. So Lord Dattatreya took the human form and took birth in the house of mother Sumathi and the father Appalaraju Sarma in Pithapuram in East Godavari district in Andhrapradesh. He was named Sri Pada Sri Vallabha. His birth as the child here had been a result of the boon given to Mother Sumati by Lord Dattatreya who had come to have Bhiksha from their house. The couple could see the powers of their child at an early age itself but had not recognized him. While trying to marry him off, he confessed that he could marry only Yogashree. He asked for their permission to tour out to Northern India in pursuit of benefiting the mankind.

When mother said that the other two brothers of Sri Pada were handicapped and they did not have anyone else who could take care of them, Sri Pada Sri Vallabha touched both his brothers and immediately they recovered from their physical disabilities. He asked his brothers to look after the parents. It was only then that Mother Sumathi could realize that her son was an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya himself.

Location and Reach:
Road: Tourists can easily reach the destination from Raichur Railway Station, which is on Bombay-Madras Route. Frequent buses are available from the station. One needs to travel in a bus, which goes from Raichur to Hyderabad and step down at Makthal. The next destination would be Panchadeva Pahad in bus and get down there and reach Sri Kshetra Sri Vallabhapuram.
A separate route can be taken via Mahabubnagar and step down at Makthal. Pilgrims coming from Kurnool have to reach via Gadwal, Amarachinta and Makthal. The distance from Makthal is about 18 km and Mahabubnagar is about 80 km.

Rail: The nearest railway station is at Krishna Railway Station which is about 45 km from Maharashtra; the distance from Karnataka to Raichur 65 km from Andhrapradesh.

Air: The nearest Airport is International Airport at Shamshabada at Hyderabad, which is about 180 km.

Special Days of Attraction and Visitors Flow:
Thursdays are considered sacred days for visiting the place. Other days preferred by the pilgrims are the festival Days viz., Sivaratri, Sriramanavami, Gurupournimi, Dasara Navaratrulu, Datta Jayanthi, Swamiji Birthday. Tourists flows are also high on Sundays and Public Holidays. Special occasions like marriages, family tours, etc. and vacations like Summer Vacation and Winter Vacations are also times when the tourists flow in large numbers.

Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham,
Pasupula (Village),
Makthal (Mandal),
Mahabub Nagar District,

Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham, Mehabubnagar Telangana Tourism

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