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Kalangi Nathar Siddhar Temple Timings, History

Kalangi Nathar Siddhar Temple is one of the 18 Tamil Siddha temples located at the foothills of Kanja Malai, Salem, Tamilnadu State. Siddhar Saint who is related to Kanjamalai is known by the name of Kalangi Nathar. He was among 18 Siddhars well known across South India. Kanjamalai Hills was the place of worship and for this purpose, a temple of Lord Shiva is situated at the top of the hills. A temple in the memory of Kalangi Nathar is located at the foothills. Locals call him Lord Siddheswara or Sidddar Koil and hence the name Siddheswarar Temple. Kanjamalai Hills is located 14 km away in the western region of Salem.

The word “Kanjam” stands for the following meaning gold, copper and Iron and malai means hill. It is said that Paranthaka Chozha who built the Sri Nataraja temple with a golden roof, took the gold from this hill. The waterfalls seen in this hill are called Ponni Nadhi.

The simple but majestic Siddheswarar Temple is an important temple at the foothills of Kanjamalai. It is famous for its association with the pious and wise saint Siddhar, Kalangi Nathar. The faithful come to this place all year round and do not forget to bathe in the sacred streams before offering their “Pujas”. Daily Pujas begin with Suprabhata Seva, which takes place in the morning. Locals believe that this temple dedicated to Siddhar Koil is around 1000-2000 years old.

Siddhargal the 18 Tamil Siddhars:

“Siddhargal” or Siddhars were the premier scholars of this system in ancient times. Siddhars, mainly hailing from Tamil Nadu laid the foundation for Siddha system of medicine. Hence, it is called Siddha medicine.

Siddhars were spiritual masters who possessed the Ashta (eight) siddhis or unique powers. Sage Agasthya is believed to be the founding father of Siddha Medicine. Eighteen Siddhars are considered to be pillars of Siddha Medicine.

There were 18 Siddhars who laid the foundation of this system. Hence there are 18 Siddha temples found in various parts of South India mainly Tami Nadu.

The temple is associated with many other prominent Siddhars namely seven of them include: Indran, Soman, Rudhran, Kanduru, Brahman, Kanjamalaiyan and Kalangi Nathar.

It is believed that Kalangi Nathar went to China to spread the Knowledge of Yoga and Acupuncture. As per old texts, he was called Confucius in China.

It is said that the Kanjamali hills have many herbs that have curative properties. People take a dip in the water running here and consider it to be holy.

After returning back to India, he took Jeeva Samadhi to Kancheepuram.

Kalangi Nathar Siddhar Temple Timings:

Morning: 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Kalangi Siddhar Temple Address:

Tamil Nadu.

Kalangi Nathar Siddhar Temple Timings, History

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