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Kanchi Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple Timings, History, Dress Code

Karchapeswarar Temple is a Shiva temple located in the temple town of Kanchipuram. The presiding deity of Kaccapesam is known as Karchapeswarar or Kaccapesvarar. The temple was constructed before 1600 years. “Thandiyalangaram”, a 7th-century book on grammar talks about this temple. Sri Kanchabesar – The Reason Behind the Name. In the course of ‘Dhasavadharam’, Thirumal (Mahavishnu) assumed the figure of a tortoise and worshipped Lord Shiva here. ‘Kachabam’ means ‘Tortoise’. ‘Kachabeswarar’ means ‘the Easwara who graced a tortoise’.

Those who worship Kachabeswarar will be relieved of sorrows & sufferings and attain Salvation. People worship lord shiva to get relief from ear-related problems, for child boon, to remove marriage obstacles.

The temple is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam. The temple is counted as a twin temple along with Marundeeswarar Temple located in the same village.

Kanchi Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple

Itta Chitha Theertham Speciality:

The tank in this temple is called Itta Chitha Theertham. Whoever bathed here is blessed by Lord Shiva. Those who have a glance at it and those who dip and bathe here or sprinkle the sacred waters around them are blessed with benevolence, wealth, bliss and salvation according to Sivagnana Munivar.

A dip in this sacred tank on Sunday will be blessed with a child to those who have no children and a wife to those who yearn for a wife. It heals the sick by making them strong to live long. Gives knowledge and gives wealth to the poor. The unemployed are offered a job in the words of Madhava Sivagnana Munivar in the reservoir.

Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 7.00 AM to 11.30 AM
Evening: 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple History:

The temple was built in the 16th century A.D. believed to have been constructed in the Chola period by the Chola king Kulothungan-I. The temple is praised by Saint Sundarar in his Thevaram hymns. This is the 26th Shiva temple in the Thondainadu region praised in Thevaram hymns. Saint Sundarar after visiting Tirukazhu Kundram came to Tirukachur on his way to Kancheepuram. Due to the long journey, Sundarar and his team were very tired and hungry. They stayed here at the temple complex. Lord Shiva came there as an old man and assured them of food and asked them to wait for a while. Sundarar, with due respect to the old man, waited. Lord Shiva – old man – went out with his bowl (Tiru Odu) for begging, gathered food, came back and fed his devotees with Sundarar. Sooner they finished the food, the old man disappeared. Sundarar sang a Pathigam beginning with the line “Mudhu vai Ori Kadhara”.

Other Deities in Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple:

Sri Kachapeswarar Peruman Sannidhi
Itta Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi
Yoga Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi
Dharma Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi
Gnana Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi
Chathur Mukeswara Peruman Sannidhi
Yuga Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi
Badhala Easwara Peruman Sannidhi
Singabesar Peruman Sannidhi
Kulakkarai Peruman Sannidhi

Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple Dress Code:

For Men: Shirt & Trouser, Dhoti or Pyjamas with upper cloth.
For Women: Saree or half-saree with blouse or chudidhar with pyjama and upper cloth.
These rules are applicable to foreigners also. Shorts, mini-skirts, middies, sleeveless tops, low-waist jeans and short-length T-shirts are not allowed.
A strict dress code is maintained in this temple Pilgrims/visitors will not be allowed inside the temple if the dress code is not followed.

Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple Address:

Nellukara Street,
Kanchipuram – 631502.

Kanchi Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple Timings, History, Dress Code

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