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Kanumu Festival Andhra Pradesh

The fourth or last day of ‘Pongal’ is known as ‘Kanumu’. This day of ‘Pongal’ is meant for sightseeing. On this day, people dress up gaily to go out. Families go to picnics, visit relatives, tour their hometown, or tour their city. This day is for outdoors activities. Most people crowd out of home in the evening and make a sea of human beings. Hence, this day is meant for spending time entertained outside.

In ‘Kanumu’ day, elders bless younger generations. This day, in Tamil Nadu, is also ‘Virgin Pongal’ day. Unmarried girls celebrate by playing in the river, making ‘Pongal’ and eat it there. Traditionally, people give new clothes and money to maids and servants employed in their house.

‘Kaanum’ is also the Tamil version of brother’s day. Women offer different kinds of rice to birds and pray for well-being of their brothers. This ritual is called ‘Kanu’. Sisters visit their brothers and ask about their welfare. Women eat previous day’s food and pray for their brother’s prosperity and health.

Being the last ‘Pongal’ day, farmers rest and celebrate this day in high spirits. People worship their ancestors and respect their elders. It is time for relaxing after three days of festivities. People go out with family and friends to have a good outing. In villages, shop owners and employers of firms give generous gifts to their employees. There are given as token of gratitude for their good work throughout the year.Kanuma Festival

Kanumu Festival Andhra Pradesh

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