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Khazana Building Museums or Qutub Shahi Hyderabad

Khazana building also known as Khazana building museum is Located on the main road, on the way from Fateh Darwaza to Bala Hissar road and its close to the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. In the year 1512-1980 when Qutb Shahi dynasty was in power where Golconda was chosen to be its capital, it was the time when Sultan Zam Sheed, Ibrahim Qutb Shahi and IVth Sultan, Mohammed Quli, who was the founder came to the throne. In those days its capital was known as Mohammad Nagar. Since it was a capital city then all major major religious, military, administrative offices and important buildings were built here.

Khazana building was such buiding that was buit in the capital city. Khajana Building was built to keep the khajana or treasure which is acquired by the kingdom, and the treasury belongs to Ibrahim Qutb Shahi.

Khazana Building Museums

As we enter into the building we can see the royal treasury and Guard rooms built during Qutub Shahi dynasty. Like many Islamic dynasty there are mosques but inside the museum like Ashrafi Mosque which is located on the eastern quarters of the museum and the Chani Mosque (built during Ibrahim Qutb Shahi time in the year 1550 AD – 1580 AD),,the smaller mosque. Sham Sheer kota is located on the right side of the museum, the arms and weapons used during those periods were also stored in the building.

Khazana building was made up on single stone. There is a majestic Arch on the sides of two halls. Roofs are also supported by these two halls. They halls played as storehouses of the royal treasury of the army and government of Qutb Shahi. The central arch leads us to the courtyard and the gardens. At present we can see the canons during qutub shahi also stone sculptures from Chalukya and Kaktiya, the neighboring dynasties and Qutub Shahi and Bahmani dynasties are on exhibition.
From rare coins to centuries-old relics unearthed throughout varied excavations, the state’s load of history, heritage, etc square measure being displayed at the When the Nizams were replaced by the democratic government, in 1948, the Khazana Building’s ownership was passed on to the Indian Government. It had been then allotted to the Indian Military to use this building to distribute the wage to its workers. At this point, Associate in Nursing addition was created to the complex- a.

In the years 1951-1952, the Khazana Building depository once more was passed into totally different hands. This time, the Department of anthropology and Museums. This was once the Khazana Building has become Associate in Nursing Heritage Building with modified form and have become the monument, as we have a tendency to see it nowadays. The artefacts exhibited within the building nowadays, were value-added on by the Department of anthropology and Museums. Canons of Qutb Shahi amount also are on show at the depository. The Khazana Building depository a traveler spot of Hyderabad, created to the news once it had been planned that artifacts from Telangana square measure displayed here. Also, the Khazana Building has had its artifacts purloined within the past. It created news recently, once the media
brought to lightweight that a building of such gift, and one that stores treasures from the past, has only 2 guards. Ironical so that such ‘khajaana’, is thus poorly guarded.

Khazana Building Museum Timings: 10:30 am – 5:00 pm, closed on Fridays and public holidays.

How to Reach:
16 km from Secunderabad Railway Station.
11 km from MGBS Terminus
6 km from Mehdipatnam

Nearby Tourist Attractions:
Golconda Fort Hyderabad
Qutb Shahi Tombs
Hyderabad Golf Course

Contact Numbers: Directorate of Archaeology & Museums – 040-23234942, Mobile: 9849254956
Incharge: Sri Narsing Rao: 9391196546

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