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Kondapur Botanical Gardens Telangana Tourism KVR Botanical Garden

Hyderabad Botanical GardenThis Botanical Garden in the city of Charminar, is for the nature enthusiast in you. This botanical garden is also called the Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Garden. This KVR Botanical Garden is Hyderabad’s very first botanical garden and is situated 16 kms from the Hyderabad Railway Station, on the Hyderabad-Mumbai old highway and is also known as Kondapur Botanical Garden. Established in 2000, it is extended out on a land of 20 acres and is developed by the State Forest Department. It was developed to be a habitat for a species of flora, to train the common man about them and to create consciousness about preservation of the greenery.

The Hyderabad Botanical Garden is a southern tropical deciduous forest and is one of the largest parks of Hyderabad. Flora and fauna also dwell here. The botanical garden plan is of a 19-sector or vanams garden. Out of these 19, only 5 have been developed and are open for public view.

The major attractions at the garden are the Bamboo section, where unusual range of the Bamboo plant can be seen growing and the beautiful Palm section. The plant’s generic and scientific names have been written on signboards and are planted at all necessary places to teach people. Some of the other varieties of fauna include medicinal plants, ornamental plants, fruit trees, different flower varieties, timber trees, aquatic plants, bamboo and palm. This Botanical Garden has a grand plan in mind and a part of the design include rambling meadows, artistic rock structures, natural forests and rich grasslands.

Similar to most botanical gardens, the best time to visit KVR Botanical garden is the Monsoons. The best view of the garden is seen by the dash of rains when life awakens and revitalizes. The flora will be in full bloom and fauna will be up and about during the monsoons. Minds will be peaceful and happy seeing the beauty of the luxuriant vegetation.
This botanical garden is home to over 600 species of plants and a large variety of flowers add color to the garden. There are Rabelais, Passion flower, Gerberas, the Gloriasa superba, state flower of Telangana, Champak and Salvias, etc. This flora attracts a lot of birds and insects. There is much more to explore for a common man as there are a variety of flowers and plants and insects and birds that are a rarity now. The birds ecstatically settle in peace by the banks of ponds and water bodies, prettify the gardens and harmonize the greens.

People looking for a little over the ordinary can gamble into the wooded region where nature is wild and untamed. If you are lucky, you may find Sunbirds, bulbuls, peacocks, kites, chameleons and some uncommon butterfly species, etc. Do not miss the Hibiscus section!

Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical GardenThe Kondapur Botanical Garden is a disappointment for regular botanists. The water bodies are not well maintained and the cacti section is in decline. This botanical garden has a long way to go before it can compete with other botanical gardens of the country. It is on its way to development, however, a morning walk in the garden will extend on longer than you think. The pleasing plants will have a relaxing effect on you though it may not reach up to your expectations.
Parking is convenient here; also the garden offers nature walks, guided tours, bird watching, and other interesting sessions often. They also sell ornamental plants starting at the rate of Rs 10. Cafeteria, toilets and drinking water are other facilities available here. There are some games like Burma Bridge, archery, etc., also available.

Distance to Kondapur Botanical Garden:
From Hyderabad MGBS Bus Stand 18 kms
From Secunderabad Railway Station 19 Kms

KVR Botanical Garden Timings:
9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Entry Ticket: Adults Rs 10, Children’s Rs 5.
Entry Ticket for Camera: Still Camera Rs 10 for , Video Camera Rs 50.

Near Kothaguda Forest Reserve,
Near Hi-Tech City,
Miyapur-GachiBowli Highway
Kondapur, Hyderabad – 500032

Useful Contact Numbers:
Kondapur Botanical Gardens: 04020044278
Telangana Tourism Toll Free Number: 1800-425-46464

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