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Kulai Sri Vishnumurthy Temple Timings, History, Pooja

Kulai Sri Vishnumurthy Temple is a famous Sri Vishnu temple located in a small Village called Kulai, Mangalore, Karnataka State. Vishnumoorthy Idol is in standing in a Peeta with four hands. In two hands there were Shanka, Chakras, and in other two hands Gadha and Pinda. The Idol was carved in Rudrakshi granite. Lord Sri Vishnumurthy Idol belongs to the 6th, 7th Centuries.

Lord Vishnumurthy idol was found in the middle of the forest which is half km away from National Highway 66 near Kulai. Mudumatta Sri Venkataramana Hebbar found the idol in a small hut covered with coconut leaves. He was an aged person so he directed his son Sri. K.Ramakrsihna Hebbar to make a proper path and told him to perform Daily Poojas.

Mudumutt Sri. Venkatramana Hebbar is not a rich person, he decided to improve the temple which was in dilapidated condition. Sri. Padil Vachannayya and Mr. Dugganna Madival of Kulai village donated some land for the development of the temple.

Shree Vishnuoorthy Bhajana Mandali conducts weekly Bhajana in the evening until Mahapooja. Every Wednesday Purana Pravachana is conducted for an hour in the evening in Kulai Sri Vishnumurthy Temple.

There are three temple chariots and a pallakie for Sri Vishnumurhty which is used during the annual festival. The 3 chariots are Brahmaratha, Chandramandala and Surya Mandala.

Sri. Sri. Sringeri Jagadguru Shri Abhinava Thirta Swamiji visited the Temple in 1973. Sri. D.Veerendra Heggade Dharmadrashi of Shree Keshta Dharmastala Visited in 1973, 1978 and 2012. Sri Pejawara Vishweshwara Thirta Swamiji of Udupi Asta Matt visited several times. Sri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamiji of Edaneeru Matt of Kasargod, Kerala visited in 1981 and 2011.

Renovation for 1911 to 1962:

The daily poojas & viniyogas are started with the help of local devotees. However major expenditure was borne by Hebbar Family. The renovation started with making an approach path from the main road. The Gudi was renovated by mud bricks and a tiled roof. This development work was taken up with the help of the Kulai Guthu family. The Thirtha Mantapa was constructed with four pillars and a tiled roof. Also, one side of the Eastern Gopuram with the tiled roof was donated by the Kuchi Mane Dasu Poojary family and the tiled roof above the Mahabali Peetam was donated by Dugganna Madivala. In the meantime prathistapana of Shree Annappapanjurli Daiva, a deity for temple protection was done in the southeast corner of pouli.

A Dynamic person Sri. K. Parameshwara Hebbar the head of the Temple continued developmental work from 1963. He has reconstructed the sanctum sectarian (Garba Gudi) with laterite stone and copper structured roof. In the same year, the New Chandra Mandala chariot is offered to Lord Sri Vishnumurthy. In 1965 Lord Sri Mahaganapathi Gudi was constructed and Lord Ganapathi was installed. The full cost was borne by Devotee Sri. Keshava Chowta, Surathkal. In South West corner of the Pouli. Lord Vasuki Nagaraja & Subramanya Idols were installed in a Gudi by Sri. K. Srinivasa Hebbar, Mudumatta, bearing the full cost of the same in Northwest corner. In the same year, stone slabs are laid to the Valangana (Space between Garba Gudi and around Pouli) 1968. New Dwajasthamba was donated by K. Babu Madivala in memory of the Late Dugganna Madivala installed as per Agama Shastra in 1973. The approach path was widened so as to enable smooth movement of Temple Visitors Vehicle. In the same year, wooden Dwajastamba was covered with Copper sheets which is donated by Ramanna Shetty of Shetty Ice Cream, Kulai.

In 1974 Brahma Ratha (Big Chariot) was offered to Lord Sri Vishnu Murthy and Vasantha Mantapa was constructed In 1976. A big concrete Arc was constructed in High Way. In 1978 old tiled small Shabha Bhavana of the tiled roof was demolished and a new Hall was constructed with modern amenities. 1981 another Chariot called Soorya Mandala was offered to Lord Sri. Vishnumurhty. In 1982 outside Angana was covered with stone slabs. In 1985 all-around poulies which were constructed in mud bricks were demolished and reconstructed with Laterite stones. At the same time, Thirta Mantapa was converted with cement slabs.

In 1997 Sri. K. Krishna Hebbar Trustee and Managing Trustee of the Temple has continued the development work. In 1999 permanent superstructure with an inner small roof was constructed to the Eastern portion of outside Angana. At the same time, inner Angana was renovated with marble slabs. The Temple pond which was in dilapidated condition was renovated.

For all the above works local devotees also donated generously. The deficit was borne by the respective trustee of the Temple i.e., the Hebbar family. The Hon’ble principal senior civil judge Mangalore, after considering the fact that, Pooja & Administration of the temple were conducted hereditary by them, passed orders in 2011 confirming them as hereditary administrative trustee & priest(Archaka).

Kulai Vishnumurthy Temple Timings:

Morning Time Usha Pooja: 6.30 AM
Noon Pooja Morning at: 08.30 AM
(On special Occasion and days): 12.30 Noon
Night Pooja: 8.30 PM

Dharmic Programs Performed in the temple:

Three times ‘Nagamandala ‘Seva was offered to Vasuke Nagaraja in the year 1987 & 1999 & 2012.
Sri. MAHAVISHNUMURTHY was offered with the ‘Koti Namarchana’ Seva in the year 1992.
4 Times ‘Rug Samhithayaga’ was offered to Lord Maha Vishnumurthy.
4 Times ‘Brahmakalashosthava’ was offered to Lord Shree Vishnumurthy.
3 Times SRI ANNAPPA PANJURLI DAIVA was offered with ‘DHARMANEMA’ twice.
3 Times ‘Sahastra Narikela Ganayaga’ was offer to Shree Lord Ganapathi.
7 Times ‘Akanda Bhajana Sapthaha’ was offered to Shree Lord Vishnumurthy.

Places Near the Temple:

Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Chitrapura
Sri Nandneshwara Temple, Panambur
Sri Vishnumurty Temple, Panambur
Panambur Beach
Sri Iddya Mahalingeshwara Temple, Iddya, Surathkal
Sri Sadashiva Mahaganapathi Temple, Surathkal
Surathkal Beach
Sri Mahaganapathi Temple, Ganeshpura, Katipalla, Mangalore
Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Kudroli, Mangalore
Sri Sharvu Mahaganapathi Temple, Mangalore
Sri Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore
Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple, Kadri, Mangalore
Pilikula Nisargadama, Mangalore
Kadri Park.

How to Reach Kulai Vishnu Temple:

Mangaluru International Airport is 14 km from Kulai Temple.
Mangalore Railway Station is 16 km
Mangalore Bus Stand is 20 km

Kulai Sri Vishnumurthy Temple Address:

Hereditry Trustee & Archaka,
Shree Vishnumurthy Temple,
Kulai Village & Post,
Mangalore Taluk,
Dakshina Kannada District,
Karnataka – 575 019.
Telephone: 0824 -2408090

Kulai Sri Vishnumurthy Temple Timings, History, Pooja

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