Lord Kulandeshwara Swamy Temple Kattamanchi

About Kulandeshwara Swamy Temple

This is an Ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and popularly known as Lord Kulandeshwara Swamy which was built way back in the 11th Century by a King belongs to the Chola Dynasty. This temple is located at Kattamanchi, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. This temple houses an ancient tree, which was about 100 years old, called Sami Vruksham. This tree is said to have been damaged due to some natural calamity. Fortunately, a small tree of the same kind is growing beside the broken tree. An idol of Lord Ganesha was installed on the SamiVruksham. Thus this Ganesha later got to be popularly called the Vruksha Ganapathy.

Kulandeshwara Swamy Temple History:

It is believed the Temple was built in the 11th Century by a Chola King who saw Lord Shiva in the form of a Child (Kuzhandhai in Tamil). Lord came to be called as Kulandeshwara because of this incident. The Temple was built in the 11 Century by the Chola Dynasty.

Lord Kulandeshwara Swamy Temple Kattamanchi:

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