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Aluva Sree Mahadeva Temple Timings, History

Aluva Mahadeva Temple is located on the banks of the Periyar River, about 21 km from Ernakulam and one kilometer from NH 47 on the sandbanks between Mangalapuzha and the Periyar River.

A unique feature of the temple is that there is no sanctorum sanctuary here. It is said that Shiva Lingam is self-manifest and, according to legend, he was installed by Parashurama. It is also said that Lord Rama organized the ceremonies after Jatayu’s death here. The Shiva Lingam emerges from the banks of the Periyar River. The place is also known as Aluva Manalpuram, which translates as “the land of sand”.

Aluva Sri Mahadeva Temple Timings: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Manappuram  Siva Temple Highlight:

The swayambhoo linga of Lord Mahadeva is composed of sand pebbles with a height of only 8 cm. The temporary idol is bronze and has a height of 15 cm.

Aluva Mahadeva Temple Legends:

After the installation ceremony of the Lingam by Parashurama, he built a temple to protect the idol; however, the structure was washed away. It is believed that Lord Shiva told Parashurama that he did not want a temple structure and that there would be no temple structure in place.

Another legend says that Lord Shiva’s Bhoothaganas worshipped the Lingam every night and decided to build a temple. Lord Shiva told them that they should finish building the temple in one night. The Bhoothaganas accepted and started construction. Shortly after the foundation, Lord Vishnu came here, disguised as a cock and sang, which deceived the Bhoothaganas. They feared that dawn had approached and left the scene, leaving all the work unfinished.

The Areca Nut Leaf Vessel:

One day, Vilwamangalam Swamiyar visited this place and found the presence of Lord Shiva as well as the Parashurama-installed Shiva Lingam. Swamiyar started to worship the Lingam and Mahadeva appeared to him and instructed him to start taking Poojas here.

With the help of Pottayil Iiayathu, Thottathil Nambiar and Idamana Namboothiri, the necessary arrangements were made to offer Poojas to Shiva and Swamiyar launched the Pooja. After the pooja began, they realized that there were no vessels to offer prasadam to the deity, while on the look, Swamiyar plucked out an areca nut leaf and offered the prasadam in it. To commemorate this, prasadam is offered in an areca nut leaf. Later, Swamiyar and others built a temple, which was destroyed by a flood in 1343 AD.

The Lord Who Refuses:

A Shrine An interesting factor here is that during the monsoons, the whole region, including the temple, gets flooded and the Shiva Lingam gets submerged in water and once the monsoons are over, the place gets cleared of water.

The nearby Ooranam Namboothris decided to construct a small shrine on the banks of the river so that poojas are not obstructed during the monsoon season. This structure is known as the Bala Kshetram, which also is unfinished in appearance and has withstood many floods and a mystery still surrounds how the foundation and the structure withstood the floods and the heavy monsoon rains. The temple at present is under the control of the Travancore Devaswom Board, who constructed a temple a few years ago, but during the Devaprasnam, which is an astrological ritual done to know about the likes and dislikes of the presiding deity of a temple, the astrologer revealed that the construct was against the wishes of the Lord.

Manappuram Sree Mahadeva Temple Festivals:

Like all Shiva temples, Maha Shivratri is an important festival that is celebrated here on a grand scale, with devotees staying awake the whole night doing prayers and paying homages to their ancestors. The next major event here is the Karkidaka Vavu Bali, which is an event where people come in large numbers on the new moon day of the Malayalam month Karkidakam (July-August) to pay respects to the souls of their dear ones.

Manappuram Shiva Temple Address:

Manappuram, Temple Road,
Kerala 683108
Phone: 0484 260 3045

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