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Mir Alam Tank Lake Hyderabad Telangana Tourism

Mir Alam BahadurHyderabad, the current capital city of Telangana had been a promising city since ages. It had been the capital to the Qutb Shah dynasty and Asaf Jahi dynasty as well. The city saw major developments, mostly in the architectural structures and the water systems after the rulers in the Qutb Shah dynasty shifted their base from Golconda to Hyderabad. Besides the monuments and the ancient temples, the city also has many water reservoir facilities to its credit. One such being the Mir Alam Tank.

Located to the south of the Musi River, this 125 years old water storage structure was built by Mir Akbar Ali Khan SikanderJah Asif Jah III, the third Nizam of Hyderabad, and was completed in a span of just two years. Started on the 25th day of July in 1804, the structure was completed by the 8th day of June in 1806. The reservoir is named after the founder, Mir Alam, the then Prime Minister of the Nizam.

Mir Alam Tank

The water body was channeled by a tributary from the Musi River. The primary inflow and outflow of water here had been the Great Musi River also known as the Muchukunda River. This had been built considering the necessity for the supply of water to the city much before the Osman Sagar and the Himayat Sagar Reservoirs were built. Though the reservoir was built much after the Hussain Sagar Lake, it still stood to be one of the major suppliers of water to the city.

The artificial lake had also been the place of visit to the travelers then who used to carry along the sweet water of the lake when they started for long journeys. This water helped them in staying connected to their mother land apart from meeting their drinking and other consumption requirements.

The famous Mir Alam Tank is located in the present city at a distance of about 15.1 kms from the main railway station of Hyderabad, the Nampally station. It is also adjacent to the popular Nehru Zoological Park. After the structure had been taken up by the State Tourism Department, the reservoir that had fallen to ruins had been renovated.

The steps taken by the State Tourism Department were to restore the lost pride of the ancient structure. The mile long bund of the structure with the 21 in-built small masonry dams shaped in semi-circular styles have been renovated by the Department making the structure a tourist spot. This has enabled the visitors to appreciate the beauty and the scientific methodologies used so many years back even in the absence of proper transport and other communication channels.

Mir Alam Tank Map

The Department has also increased the facilities here by allowing the visitors to have a feel of the reservoir. The services of steering, speed and motor boats have been allowed in the water for a minimal price.
The once water reservoir of the city has now turned to be a study spot for the researchers besides the tourists to know how advanced the kings and rulers of the ancient times were in terms of technology.

Mir Alam Tank got its name after Mir Alam Bahadur, the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad during Asaf Jah III reign, the third Nizam of Hyderabad state.

From Nampally Hyderabad Railway Station 15.1 Kilometers.
From MGBS Central Bus Terminus 15 Kilometers.
From Secunderabad Railway Station 19 Kilometers.

Mir Alam Tank is adjacent to Nehru Zoological Park.

Mir Alam Tank Timings: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Contact Numbers: Telangana Tourism Boating Unit – 040-23110523

Mir Alam Tank Lake Hyderabad Telangana Tourism

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