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Mithila Shakti Peeth Timings, History,

Mithila Shakti Peeth is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth, located at Mithila, Darbhanga, Bihar on the border of India- Nepal. Here Goddess Shakti is worshiped as ‘Uma’ or ‘Mahadevi’ and Bhairav ​​as ‘Mahodar’.

This Shakti Pith is unique due to the fact that there are actually three temples considered to be Shaktipeeth: Vanadurga Temple at the uchchaith place of Madhubani, 15 kilometers east from Janakpur, Jay Mangala Temple 61 km away from Samastipur in Bihar, Shri Ugratara Temple near Saharsa station in Bihar.

It is believed that there is still a difference between the fixed place of Mithila Shaktipeeth, that is, there are many opinions about the correct place. Mithila Shaktipeeth is considered the Shaktipeeth of the temples of three main places.

Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of Salvation, Wealth, Relief from diseases, Purchase of vehicles and to Gain Knowledge.

Sree Mithila Shakti Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sri Mithila Shakti Peeth History:

After Daksha Yagya, Sati Devi ended her life because Lord Shiva was severely insulted by her father Daksha Prajapati. Mata Sati’s body was cut into 51 parts by Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra to separate it from Mahadev. These parts have fallen in different places which became Shaktipeeths. These shrines are spread across the entire Indian subcontinent. Her left shoulder is said to have fallen in Mithila.

Sri Mithila Shakti Peeth Festivals:

Ram Navami
Janaki Navami
Krishna Janmashtami
Saraswati Puja
Durga Puja
Kali Puja
Karthik Purnima
Akshaya Navami
Nag panchami
Raksha bandhan
Madhu Shravani

How to Reach Mithila Shakthi Temple:

By Air:
Patna Jayprakash Narayan International Airport is the nearest Airport which is 148 km.
By Train:
Janakpur is the nearby Railway Station. From Jamakpur Mithala Temple is 60.4 km.
By Road:
Darbhanga is will connected with major cities from here private vehicles and government busses are available.

Sree Mithila Shakti Peeth Address:

Housing Board Colony,
Bihar – 846001.

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