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Mookambika Temple Kollur Varshika Uthsavam, Annual Festival

Mookambika Temple Annual Festival Details:

Varshika Uthsavam is a annual festival celebrated for ten days in Sri Kollur Mookambika Temple in a grand manner. The Brahma Rathothsava falls on the Phalguna Bahula Moolanakshatra day. Moolanakshathram of meenam comes in the month of March.

Varshika Uthsavam 10 Days celebrations Details:

1st Day:

Flag Hoisting, raising the flag after the morning ‘Punyaha’ rites.

2nd Day:

Morning Rituals (Evening about 5 o’clock) – Going around the village (Grama Pradhakshina) Pooja at Kaveramma’s Katte, Vasantha.
Night Rituals – Night Bali. After the Ashtavadhana Seva, procession on the Mayura Vahana to the Saraswathi Mantapam in the west.

3rd Day:

Morning ritual Procession to the Saraswathi Mantapam in the North (Toppalu Katte),
Night Ritual Dolarohan Pooja to the Goddess and procession to Saraswathi Mantapam in the West Ashtavadhana Seva.

4th Day:

Morning Ritual Katte Pooja at Sri Gopalakrishna Temple, Vasantha.
Night Ritual Goddess is carried on the ‘Pushparatham’ to the Saraswathimantapam in the west and pooja and Ashtavadhana Seva

5th Day:

Morning Ritual Procession to the katte at Sri Gopala Krishna Temple.
Night Ritual the Goddess is carried on the Vrishabha vahana to the Saraswathi mantapam in the west and Ashtavadhana seva.

6th Day:

Morning Ritual Procession to the Patelara Katte at Balegadde.
Night Ritual Goddess is carried on the ‘Gaja vahana’ to the Saraswathi Mantapam in the west.

7th Day:

Morning Ritual Procession to the Sarasawathi mantapam in the west After the Pradoshapooja grand Rangapooja.
Night Rituals Bali. Goddess is carried on the Simha vahana to the Saraswath mantapam in the west for Pooja and Ashtavadhana Seva.

8th Day:

Maharathothsavam Odu Bali and Brahma Ratha Arohanam in the morning at about 11-30. At 5.00 PM processions of the Brahma Ratham till the Saraswathi mantapam in the west.

9th Day:

Choornothsavam, Okuli, Avabhritha Snanam at the Sauparnika Ghat. Theppothsavam, Mruga bete (Animal hunting) at night, pooja of Sridevi seated on the Horse. (From 8.00 PM till 8.00 AM)

10th Day:

Poornahuthi at the North Eastern Yagashala, lowering the flag (Dhawaja Avarohana).

Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur

Mookambika Temple Timings:

Morning: 5.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Evening: 3.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Mookambika Temple Daily Poojas:

5.00 AM: The Temple Opens
5.15 AM: Abhishekam to the Lingam
5.30 AM: Eka Nalikera Ganahoma
6.30 AM: The morning worship (Pooja) starts
7.15 AM: Dantha Dhavana Mangalarathi
7.30 AM: Panchamritha Abhishekam
7.45 AM: Naivedya
8.00 AM: Morning Mangalarathi and Bali Utsavam
8.15 AM: End of Morning Bali Utsava
11.30 AM: Noon Pooja starts
12.30 PM: Maha Mangalarathi and afternoon Bali Utsava
1.30 PM: The Temple Closes

3.00 PM: Door opens for darshan
6.30 PM: Pradosha Pooja starts. Panchamritha Abhisheka
7.00 PM: Naivedya
7.15 PM: Mangalarathi
7.30 PM: Salam Mangalarathi
7.45 PM: Mangalarathi for all accompanying Deities.
8.00 PM: Naivedyam, ” Bali” and Mangalarathi
8.15 PM: Night ” Bali” Utsava
8.30 PM: Utsava Moorthi is placed at the Saraswathi Mantapa, Andnaivedya with Beaten rice, coconut. After that, Mangalarathi and Ashtavadana Seve Vedaghosha, Sangeetha, Shruthivadya, Sarvavadya). Once it is over Shree Devi will be taken inside the Temple
9.00 PM: Kashaya Mangalarathi

Mookambika Temple Address:

Sri Mookambika Temple,
Kundapura Taluk,
Udupi District,
Karnataka – 576 220.
Contact Numbers: 02854-258221
Fax: 08254-258221

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