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Muppadhu Vetti Shri Maha Varahi Peedam History, Poojas, Auspicious Days

Arcot Vetti Maha Varahi Temple Timings: 4.30 PM to 8.00 PM

"The Maha Varahi Peedam is a Trust" formed for construction, maintenance of the Annai Maha Varahi Temple to spread the worship of the Goddess. The Peedam is headed by Sri. N.R. Baskaran Iyer and Sri. B.DEVA IYER, Annai Maha Varahi Ambal Temple is being constructed in the town of Arcot, Vellore District, Tamil nadu.

Who is Maha Varahi:

Annai Maha Varahi resides in the Sri Chakra in the 16th Pragaram. She is a symbol of purity, peace and prosperity. She emerged from the Angusam (weapon) of Devi Sri Lalitha Parameshwari. She is the commander of the battalion of Sri Raja Rajeshwari. Varahi is one of the Saptha Mathrukas - Seven Divine mothers. Varahi is classified as the fifth among the seven “Mother-like” divinities (Saptmatrukas) and hence called Panchami.

She protects the devotees against all odds and guides him/her along the right path. One who worships her will be relieved from evil forces. Sri Raja Rajeswari took the incarnation of Sri Maha Varahi to eliminate the cruel demon Pandasura.
Giri Chakram is the name of Varahi's Radham. Varahi Anbal is also called as
1) Aswaruda Varahi Devi
2) Dhandini Varahi Devi
3) Panjami Varahi Devi
4) Swapna Varahi Devi
5) Varthali Varahi Devi
6) Madu Varahi Devi
7) Bagtha Varahi Devi
8) Unmantha Varahi Devi
9) Lagu Varahi Devi
10) Dandanatha Varahi Devi
11) Aswaruda Varahi Devii
12) Dhumra Varahi Devi
13) Manthrani Varahi Devi

The Divinity, the Beauty and the Blessings of Sri Maha Varahi:
Divinity manifests itself from age to age in human form to restore the Dharma (justice), bring all of humanity back on the right path and guide all humanity on the path of the inner being. The goddess Sri Maha Varahi is one of these manifestations.

She has a deep beauty that shines from within her soul and warms everyone with her energy. She is a goddess with a boar's head represented as sitting on a lion. Her dark complexion symbolizes her transcendental nature. She is a Minerva, goddess of wisdom and beauty. She is the heavenly beauty of eight hands. Each hand has a Sangu, a Chakram, a Gadhai, a Kadgam, a Mushalam, a Damaragam, an Abayavaradam and an Ulakkai. She is dressed in "silk dresses and jewels".

By Worshipping her, a devotee becomes a pure and refined soul. Since she is the incarnation of Gnana (Knowledge), worshiping her will encourage her to acquire knowledge in abundance, which is the springboard for success in life.

She is the embodiment of Raja Rajeshwari. She waits patiently and gracefully to reveal her heart ready to receive us.

Arcot Shri Maha Varahi Temple

Story of Pandasura:

Pandasura was a great Shiva Bhakta. After thousands of years of penance, Lord Shiva appeared before him and the demon asked for a special blessing that he would never be killed by anyone and live forever. However, Lord Shiva had a different opinion about the appearance of the birth and death of humans. He said that anyone born on this earth must die one day. Pandasura has established a condition that it should not be killed by humans, animals or natural causes. It can only be canceled by a woman who is not born of another woman. He also insisted that she live her life by eating feces as food. Shiva answered that wish.

Pandasura, being a great warrior and having achieved this particular desire, entered the dangerous game of the massacre of human beings to rule over power. When the Devas felt that their torture exceeded the limits, they approached Lord Shiva for their intervention in order to save them from this cruel leader, but Lord Shiva expressed his incapacity in this regard since he had given this blessing and asked them to approach the Divine Mother Sri Raja Rajeshwari for a solution. When they approached the Goddess, she reassured them with the promise that Pandasura would soon be destroyed.

She began to think about the type of incarnation that would help her kill Pandasura, since he was destined to die for a single creation, which should be born as a woman and not in the human body. There was only one possibility for this strange combination. It was the incarnation of a wild boar: a wild pig with tusks with a female human body and a wild boar face.

However, there was a problem since Sri Maha Vishnu had already taken the same incarnation in the form of Varahi. (Dasavatharam)

At the request of Sri Vishnu and keeping her form in the background, Mother took the form of a boar and became known as Sri Maha Varahi. Sri Maha Varahi, his son, Lord Ganesha, took it, destroyed Pandasura and brought peace.


The worship of the goddess Maha Varahi is the result of past virtues and good works. Chanting Varahi Varahi Varahi three times will bring infinite happiness and euphoria to life.


Muppadhu Vetti Shri Maha Varahi Peedam

Special Poojas inMuppadhu Vetti Shri Maha Varahi:

Night time is the auspicious time to do perform Pooja for Varahi Ambal. After Sunset (Surya Asthamanam) we pray Varahi Ambal daily. Varahi Poojas are done specially in


Best day to Worship Varahi Ambal is Ammavasai.

Amaavasai - In Night time
Suklapatcha Panchami - From the 5th day of Amaavasai.
Suklapatcha Ashtami - From the 8th day of Amaavasai.
Pournami - In the night time.
Krishnapatcha Panchami - From the 5th day of Pournami
Kirshnapatcha Ashtami - From the 8th day of Pournami

1) By performing Ashtami Pooja we are blessed with talent, success and wealth.
2) By performing Panjami Pooja we are blessed with Rajya Labam and Victory.

There are different type of Navarathiri poojas. Maha Varahi is specially worshipped in Ashada Navarathiri. In this Navarathiri special pooja is done at mid night.

1) While Maha Varahi is astride on Tiger, she will destroy all enemies.
2) While Maha Varahi is astride on Buffalo she will destroy all cruel people.
3) While Maha Varahi is astride on Horse she will give Mohanam (Beauty) and Vasikaranam (Attraction).
4) While Maha Varahi is astride on Lion (Vajrakosham) she will destroy enemies and restores Dharma.

For Maha Varahi:

Pancha Maha Aasanam: Athipalagai, Pulithol, Simmathol, Darapasanam, Karupu Kambili.
Vaasanai Thiraviyangal: Marikozhunthu, Masi Pachai, Kanni Dhavanam, Karund Thulasi, Thrila Vilvam, Vibhuthi Pachai, Malli Elai, Kathir Pachai.
Vergal:  Vetti Ver, Gur Ver, Alli Ver, Malli Ver, Peru Nannari Ver, Siru Nannari Ver,
Amirthavalli Ver, Musugundha Ver.
Kizhangu: Thamarai Kizhangu, Alli Kizhangu, Thanneer Vidan Kizhangu, Magali Kizhangu.
Dhandini Dhandangal: Karungali Dhandam, Sengali Dhandam, Unmanthai Dhandam, Arasau Dhandam, Alam Dhandam.
Pushpangal: Semparuthi, Sevvarali, Neela Sangu Pushpam, Neela Oomathai Poo, Vellai Umathai Poo, Malli, Pichi, Kaattu Malli.

Shri Maha Varahi Temple Address:

Om Shri Maha Varahi Peedam
Mariyamman Kovil Street,
Vellore District,
Tamilnadu - 632 503.
Landmark - Near Government Eye Hospit & Government Register Office (Arcot Court)

Shri Maha Varahi Office Address:

5/A, Kannaiyan Street,
Vellore District,
Tamilnadu - 632 503.
Phone: +91 9360527900
Email : nrb.varahii@gmail.com / devaiyer@mahavarhi.org

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