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Paigah Family Tree and There Palaces


1) Umar or Imam Baqir
2) ‘Abdu’llah.
3) Nasir.
4) Tahir Jabir.
5) Mansur.
6) Adham,Ruler of Balkh and Bukhara.
7) Ibrahim Bin Adham aka Abou Ben Adham.
8) ‘Abdul Fatah Ishaq.
9) ‘Ali, Wa’iz al-Akbar.
10) Muhammad, Wa’iz al-Asghar.
11) ‘Abdu’llah.
12) Masud Sama’an.
13) Mahmud Sama’an.
14) Shihab ud-din Ahmad Farrukh Shah Kabuli, Ruler of Afghanistan.
15) Yusuf.
16) Ahmad died fighting Hulagu Khan.
17) Shu’aib.
18) Sulaiman Kiuliwal.
19) Hadrat Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar (died 668 AH).
20) Badr ud-din Sulaiman.
21) Majd ud-din Maudad.
22) Zain ud-din Musa.
23) Mu’in ud-din Ma’araf.
24) Karim ud-din Mutawakil.
25) Jalal ud-din ‘Abdu’l-Haq.
26) Hisam ud-din Mahmud Danishmand.
27) Kamal ud-din Daud.
28) Malik ul-Ulama, Jalal ud-din Bhalul.
29) Muhammad Firuz.
30) Shaikh Muhammad Baha ud-din (general for Aurangzeb) and after this point his son Abul Khair Khan attached his career to that of Nizam-ul-Mulk, Nizam Asaf Jah I on his way to the Deccan..
31) Abul Khair Khan, Imam Jung I, Shamsheer Bahadur.
32) Abul Fateh Khan, Abul Khair Khan II, Tegh Jung Bahadur, Shums-ud-Dowlah, Shums-ul-Mulk, Shums-ul-Umara I.Founded the Paigah nobility.
33) Nawab Abul Fakhr Fakhruddin Khan Bahadur,Imam jung II Shams-ud-Dowla, Shams-ul-Mulk,Shams-ul-Umra II,Amir e Kabir I.


Bashir Bagh Palace belonged to Sir Asman Jah, Paigah Amir (Nobel) the Prime Minister of Hyderabad from 1887 to 1893.
Sir Vicar-ul-Umra, the Paigah Amir (noble) is the prime minister of Nizams Hyderabad state from 1894 to 1901. He was also officiated as prime minister in 1893. Sir Vicar-ul-Umra das presented Falaknuma palace in 1897 to the sixth Nizam, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan.

Some of important Paigah Palaces were:
1) Jahannuma Palace.
2) Deodi Khurshid Jahi (Khurshidjah Baradari).
3) Deodi Asman jahi.
4) Deodi Iqbal ud dowla Vicar Ul Umra Shahgunj palace.
5) Begumpet Palace.
6) Aiwan E Begumpet.
7) Paigah Palace Begumpet.
8) Razak Gadh Vicar Manzil Begumpet.
9) Saroor Nagar Palace.
10) Lingumpalli Palace.
11) Asman Ghar.
12) Sultan Bagh.
13) Vilayath Manzil.
14) Nayee Haveli.
15) Phool Bagh.
16) Paigah Sir Vicar house Bombay.
17) Paigah House Hyderabad.
18) Phisalbanda palace of Nawab Zafar Jung Bahadur.
19) Devdi Doulatabad.
20) Khana Bagh.

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