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Palakkad Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu Temple Timings, Pujas, History

The Ayyappa Temple of Cheruppulasseri is very ancient and more than 1000 years old. Cherpulassery Sri AyyappanKavu is also known as Women’s Sabarimala, Malabar’s Sabarimala, Valluvanad’s Sabarimala, etc. As these names indicate, it is a very major Ayyapa temple. Mandala Pooja and Theeyattu from the first vrichikom. The main Ulsavam is celebrated for ten days in the Malayalam month of Kumbham. Main Prathistha or diety is Sree Ayyappan. Upaprathistas include Sree Ganapathy, Navagrahangal, Sree Brahma Rakshassu, Nagaraja, etc.. Event called Theeyattu starts on 1st of Vrichikam month of Malayalam calendar. It lasts for 40 days. Aarattu is on the 10th day of Uthram in Kumbham month. Also used to have Kalam Paattu on these days.

From November to January, tens of thousands of devotees from Palakkad, Malapuram and Thrissur districts reach Ayyappan Kavu to wear the Ayyappa mudra and to start their pilgrimage to Sabarimala. During this season, a number of Ayyappan Vilakku are also performed in front of the temple. Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu is one of the few temples where marriages are performed in the presence of Lord Ayyappa. A traditional temple art called Thiyyattu is also performed at the temple during the 10-day festival season. A Swayambu kshetra and covered with a gold Kavacham. Ilayada Nivedhyam is the specialty of this temple.

The annual festival is observed in Malayalam Kumbham month (February – March). Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu festival starts with flag hosting and ends with Arattu on the last day. The annual festival is noted for various rituals including Thiyyattu.

Thousands of people arrive on the day to witness various rituals and festivities. Special poojas are held during the festival days in which thousands of devotees participate. Chendamelam and panchavadyam also form a part of this festival. Parayeduppu and elephant procession provides a visual treat to the devotees.

Traditional performing arts, music and dance are staged during the period. The temple is traditionally decorated with plantain, coconut leaves, flowers, leaves, traditional lamps and lights.

Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappankavu

Cherpulassery Sree Ayyappan Kavu Temple Timings:

Morning: 5:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Cherpulassery Sree Ayyappan Kavu Temple Dress Code:

For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan
For Women’s: Saree and Pavada are allowed. (Salvar sets and modern dresses are not allowed)

Sree Ayyappan Kavu Temple Main Festivals::

The event called “Theeyattu” starts on the 1st of Vrichikam month of Malayalam Calendar. Theeyattu Festival is Celebrated for 40 days.

Aarattu is on the 10th day of Uthram in Kumbham month. Also used to have Kalam Paattu on these days.

Cherpulassery Sree Ayyappan Kavu

Sree Ayyappan Kavu Temple Events/Programs:

Flag hoisting
Special programs
Traditional art forms
Music shows


Cameras, mobiles and all other electronic items are strictly prohibited inside the temple.

How to Reach Palakkad Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu:

By Air
The nearest airport to Palakkad Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu is Calicut International Airport which is 61 km away.

By Rail:
The nearest Railway station is the Kulukkalur railway station at a distance of 8.0 km from the temple.

By Road:
Cherupulassery Bus Stand 750 m from the temple. KSRTC buses and private buses ply frequently to the Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu Temple. The temple is well connected by roads.

Cherpulassery Sree Ayyappan Temple

Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu Address:

Pattambi Cherplasseri Road,
Kerala – 679503
Phone: 0466 228 2304
Mob: 9447531282, 9947796030
mail- cpyakuc@gmail.com

Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu Location:

Palakkad Sree Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu Temple Timings, Pujas, History

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