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Peruvanam Irattayappan Prathishta, Prayers with Meaning


dakshiNaamoorti is Siva in meditation who is considered to be a God of learning and wisdom. He and gaNapati are considered to be present in all temples, irrespective of what the deity is, on the south side.

Dhakshinamoorthi Prayer:

“maunamaatreNaalmatatva prapancana vicakshaNa
tapasvinam namskurmo dakshinaamoorti meesvaram”
Dakshinamoorthy Sloka

Dhakshinamoorthi Prayer Meaning:

I prostrate before (namaskurmo =namah+kurmah) to the almighty lord (eesvaram) who is Dhakshinamoorthi (dakshinaamoortim) who has great meditative powers (tapasvinam) and who is adept in conveying the truth or secret of the self (aalmatatva prapancana vicakshaNa) through silence (maunamaatrena). Dhakshinamoorthi means a deity facing, the lord of or sitting on the, south side.


This deity, along with Dhakshinamoorthi, shares the same Praasaadam with Irattayappan to His south side.

He is, of course, considered to be the deity who removes all obstacles (vighneswara) and is the son of Siva and paarvati. This Ganapathy has His trunk twisted left indicating Him in the mood of granting worldly riches. The meaning of this term and of gananaayaka is that He is the commander of Lord Siva’s forces.

Ganapathy Prayer:

"eka dantam mahaakaayam tapta kaancana sannibham
lambodaram visaalaaksham vandeham gaNa naayakam"
Ganapathy Sloka

Ganapathy Prayer Meaning:

I pray to (vande+ aham) to one who has a single tusk (eka dantam), has a huge body (mahaa kaayam), who shines like heated gold (tapta kaancana sannibham), who has a long tummy (lamba+udaram), has wide eyes (viSaala +aksham) and who is the leader of Siva’s forces.


All the above eight deities are inside the main quadrangle. There is a separate sanctum sanctorum for Lord Krishna on its north side. Krishna here is said to be in the company of His dear cattle and hence, the name.

Goshalakrishnan Prayer:

The prayer is the same as used for Krishna everywhere which is:

“Krishnaaya vaasudevaaya haraye paramaalmane
pranata klesa naasaaya govindaaya namo namah”

Goshalakrishnan Prayer Meaning:

I prostrate before (namo namah) krishNa (krishNaaya) who is the son of vasudeva (vaasudevaaya), who is also known as hari (haraye), who is the ultimate reality (paramaalmane) and who is the protector of cattle (govindaaya) for the destruction of all my troubles (praNata kLeSa naaSaaya). ‘L’ is used for the last ‘La’ occurring at the end of the alphabets, before ‘ksha’.


The main Pratishtha (deity) at the Peruvanam temple is Irattayappan. The name came because the idol, which is a Swayambhoo( appeared on its own and not built by man), is of twin Sivalinga. Irattayappan stands for Lord Siva for the majority. Many believe him to be Sankaranarayana (Siva and Vishnu together). There are others who worship him as Ardhanareeswara (embodiment of Siva and Parvathy in one single form) and yet others to whom He is Umamaheswara (Siva in the company of Parvathy).

The Pooja is done for Siva alone which is different for the other three mentioned forms. Irattayappan is considered to be a benevolent deity, always loving the devotees irrespective of their failings. The sanctification was done by sage Pooru through the installation ceremony (PratisTha).

Irattayappan Prayer:

Sivam Sivakaram Saantam Sivaalmaanam Sivottamam
Sivamaarga pranetaaram pranatosmi sadaasivam

Irattayappan Prayer Meaning:

Siva means the embodiment of goodness or welfare. I pray to (praNatosmi) Siva, who converts everything to goodness (Sivakaram), is the embodiment of peace (Saantam), is the soul of goodness (Sivaalmaanam), the best among those who create welfare (Sivottamam), leads one through the right path (Siva maarga praNetaaram) and who is always the doer of good (sadaaSivam)


This deity is also a Siva on a high platform (hence the name), on a three layer sanctum sanctorum (tritala praasaadam). It is said that the village of Peruvanam derived its name from sage Puru who did long years of meditation in the deep forest around.

Legend has it that he the Sivalingam he was worshipping got stuck on the branch of a banyan tree and a huge Sivalingam was installed on top of that at the shrine of Matathilappan. The verse of prayer to the deity is the same as for Irattayappan.

Madathilappan Prayer:

Sivam Sivakaram Saantam Sivaalmaanam Sivottamam
Sivamaarga praNetaaram praNatosmi sadaaSivam

Madathilappan Prayer Meaning:

Siva means the embodiment of goodness or welfare. I pray to (praNatosmi) Siva, who converts everything to goodness (Sivakaram), is the embodiment of peace (Saantam), is the soul of goodness (Sivaalmaanam), the best among those who create welfare (Sivottamam), leads one through the right path (Siva maarga praNetaaram) and who is always the doer of good (sadaaSivam)


maNikaNTha is a form of Lord Siva.

Manikandan Prayer:

“Raagadveshaadi durjantu sankulam khalu me manah
Uccaatayaakhilam tvam taan maNikaNTha namostu te”

Manikandan Prayer Meaning:

My mind (me manah) (is) corrupted (sankulam) by the demons (durjantu) like love and hatred (raga dveshaadi). You may (tvam) please remove (uccaataya) all that (akhilam taan). Lord maNikaNTha (maNikaNTha), I bow to thee (namostu te)


There is an idol of the sage at the south western end of the inner courtyard (thirumittam). He is, naturally, in a meditative pose.

Poorumaharshi Prayer :

“yaSasaa praapta sarvaaSam tapasaa nitaraam kruSam
mahasaa soorya sankaaSam manasaa poorumaaSraye”

Poorumaharshi Prayer Meaning :

I beseech the blessing (aaSraye) of (sage) Puru (poorum) whose fame has reached all horizons (yaSasaa praapta sarvaaSam), who has become extremely thin (nitaraam kruSam) because of hard penance (tapasaa) and who shines like the sun (mahasaa soorya sankaaSam).


Sreeparvathy is, of course, the consort of Siva and shares the same Praasaadam with Irattayappan at His back. She is considered to be the goddess who blesses devotees with a happy marriage.

The following prayer gives four other epithets of Parvaty as Siva, Triambaka, gowri and naaraayaNi. The first two are because of being the wife of lord Siva. Gowri is because of her fair complexion. There is a legend linking Parvaty to the sister of Narayana. Hence, the third epithet. Triambaka means one with three eyes which applies to Siva and parvatyas well. Sreeparvaty is the third most important deity at the temple, after Irattayappan and MaaTattilappan

Sreeparvathy Prayer:

“sarva mangala mangalye Sive sarvaartha saadhake
SaraNye triambake gowri naaraayaNi namostu te”

Sreeparvathy Prayer Meaning:

I bow to (namostu) you (te), who bestows all the auspiciousness (like happy marriage) (sarva mangala mangalye), is the wife of Siva (Sive), who makes all the wishes of the devotee come true (sarvaartha saadhake),who is worthy of devotion or submission(Saranye), is the wife of Triambaka (triambake), is fair in complexion (gowri) and is the sister of naaraayaNa (naaraayaNi).


There is yet another Prasadam which houses raktheswary and maNikaNTha to the north side of the inner courtyard.

Raktesvari is a form of Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali is famous as the daughter of lord Siva, given birth at the time of dakshayaagam. Siva was enraged by the insult his wife, sati (former birth of parvati), suffered at the sacrificial place of her father, daksha. It was bhadrakaali with the help of veerabhadra who killed daksha and made the revenge.

Raktheswari Prayer:

“Raktesvaree mahaamaaye bhaktaanaa mabhaya prade
salpathe naya maam dehi sarvabhooteshu sanmatim”

Raktheswari Prayer Meaning:

Oh! Goddess raktesvari, who is a great maker of illusion (mahaamaaye), is a great refuge (abhaya prade) for her devotees (bhaktaanaam), please lead me(naya maam) through the right path (salpathe) and give (dehi) kind thoughts (sanmatim)towards all beings (sarva bhooteshu)

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