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Philadelphia Samarpan Hindu Temple Services inside & Outside Temple, Samarpan

As you all know that Shri Vipulbhai Joshi and Amitbhai Trived are well-versed priests, are available at Samarpan Temple for the special services conducted by the request of an individual devotee at home or at Samarpan Temple. A nominal contribution/donation is expected from the devotees for the special services listed below:

Hand over cash or check to the priest.
Write check in favor of Samarpan Hindu Temple.
Devotees are requested to arrange for the transportation of the priest from and to the Temple.
The priests must be picked up from the Temple and dropped off at the Temple promptly, so that other services at the Temple are not interrupted.
Additional services are conducted at devotee’s request, contact Tulsibhai Khatri at 610-940-6905 for further information and scheduling the services.

Samarpan Hindu Temple

PRIVATE USE OF Samarpan Temple HALL:
Newly built hall at Samarpan Temple is available for $450.00 or $675.00 / 7 hours of use depending on the occupancy. However, additional generous donations/contributions would be greatly appreciated because donations are the major source of funds to maintain the building. For guidelines and reservations, please, contact Tulsibhai Khatri at 610-940-6905.

Shoes or any footwear are not allowed inside the Temple Prayer Hall.
All adults are requested to refrain from wearing shorts in the Temple Prayer Hall.
All food served in the Temple must be strictly vegetarian and all drinks nonalcoholic.
Smoking is prohibited on the Temple premises.
It is mandatory to leave the premises neat and clean.

Samarpan Hindu Temple Services in Temple:

1) Birth Day Puja 21
2) Car Puja 21
3) General Puja (Archana) 21
4) Grih Shanti/Havan 151
5) Naam Karan 75
6) Satya Narayan Puja 101
7) Wedding Ceremony 251
8) Engagement 101
9) Anniversaries 21
10) Baby Shower 101
11) Kesh Mundan 101
12) Yagnopavit/Upnayan 151
13) Shanti Vidhan/Kal-Sarp 101
14) Vidhan/Mul Nakshtara Vidhi 101

Samarpan Hindu Temple Services Outside Temple:

1) Grih Shanti/Havan $201
2) Grih Pravesh/Vastu Puja $151
3) Naam Karan $101
4) Satya Narayan Puja $125
5) Wedding Ceremony $301
6) Engagement $101
7) Baby Shower $125
8) Kesh Mundan $101
9) Yagnopavit/Upnayan $201
10) Shanti Vidhan/Kal-Sarp $125
11) Vidhan/Mul Nakshtara Vidhi $125
12) Khat-Muhurt/Ground Breaking $101

Philadelphia Samarpan Hindu Temple Darshan Timings:

Winter Darshan Timings:

Monday to Friday:
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Summer Darshan Timings:

Monday to Friday:
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM to 8.00 PM

Philadelphia Samarpan Hindu Temple Address:

6515 Bustleton Ave,
PA 19149, USA
Phone: +1 215-537-9537

Philadelphia Samarpan Hindu Temple Services inside & Outside Temple, Samarpan

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