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Prayers to Nitai from Sri Manohara Bhajana Dipika Lyrics and Meaning

Prayers to Nitai was translated by Nityananda Das from Sri Manohara Bhajana Dipika and published by Sri Sudhasindhu Das. Govardhan.

Prayers to Nitai Lyrics and Meaning:

isad-arunya-svarnabham nanalankara-bhusitam
hainam malinam divyopavitam prema-varshinam
aghurnita-locanam cha nilambara-dharam prabhum
prema-dam paramanandam nityanandam smaramy aham

I meditate on Lord Nityananda Prabhu, supreme bliss personified. For bestowing pure love of God, he has created a shower of that love. His body, shining with the luster of red-tinged gold, is decorated with various ornaments and a necklace. Donned in blue garments, he wears a flower garland and divine sacred thread.

suddha-svarna-vidambi-sundara-tanum ratnadi-bhushanchitam
suklam sukshma-navambaradi-dadhatam sankirtanaika-priyam
nityanandam aham bhaje sa-karunam premarnavam sundaram

I worship Lord Nityananda, who is the beautiful ocean of prema endowed with compassion and the sole lover of sankitana. His handsome bright form, dressed in fresh fine clothes and decorated with ornaments like precious jewels, derides the glow of pure gold. Possessing the prowess of an intoxicated regal elephant and mad in pure love of God, Lord Nityananda is filled with the streams of tears shed out of that love.

vidyud-dama-madabhimardana-rucim vistirna-vakshah-sthalam
nana-bhushana-bhushitam su-madhuram bibhrad-ghanabhambaram
sarvananda-karam param pravara-nityananda-chandram bhaje

I worship the transcendental moon of the foremost Lord Nityananda, who, being exquisitely sweet, makes everyone blissful. His effulgence defeats the pride of a string-like lightning. His chest is broad and his face extremely pleasing with its shining smile, and its eyes, restless out of pure love of God, making sidelong glances. He wears garments resembling a rain cloud and is adorned with various ornaments.

Prayers to Nitai from Sri Manohara Bhajana Dipika Lyrics and Meaning

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