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Princeton Durga Mandir Services, Hours

Princeton Durga Mandir Hours: 7.00 AM to 8:30 PM All Days:

Morning Aarti: 7.30 AM every day
Evening Aarti: 6:00 PM on Sundays
All other days: 7.00 PM


Birthday Puja $ 51.00
Car Puja $ 31.00
Engagement Puja $ 101.00
General Puja $ 51.00
Grah Shanti $ 51.00
Havan $ 101.00
Mundan $ 51.00
Naam Karan $ 51.00
Satya Narayan Puja $ 101.00
Sunday Kirtan & Langar Sponsorship $ 501:00
Sunder Kand $ 151.00
Wedding Ceremony $ 251.00
Janeu Puja $151.00
Gandmool Puja $151.00
Karlsarp Puja $151.00
Laxmi Puja $51.00
Durga Puja $51.00
Sarswati Puja $51.00
Shiv Puja $51.00
Rudhra Abhishek (Big) $201.00

Princeton Durga Temple


Birthday Puja $ 101.00
Bhumi Puja $ 151.00
Engagement Puja $ 151.00
General Puja $ 101.00
Grah Shanti $ 101.00
Grah Pravesh $ 101.00
Havan $ 101.00
Mundan $ 101.00
Naam Karan $ 101.00
Satya Narayan Puja $ 101.00
Sharadh Puja $ 101.00
Wedding Ceremony $ 351.00
Janeu Puja $151.00
Gandmool Puja $151.00
Office Puja $151.00
Laxmi Puja $101.00
Durga Puja $101.00
Sarswati Puja $101.00
Shiv Puja $101.00

Please, write checks for temple fee in the name of Durga Temple. Temple fee does not include “DAKSHINA” for the priest. Devotees may give “DAKSHINA” to the priest directly and their generosity will be greatly appreciated by the priests. Priests must be picked up from the temple and dropped off at the temple immediately after completion of the priestly services. Devotees are requested to arrange transportation for picking up the priest from the temple and dropping him off at the temple after the services. Additional services are conducted at devotee’s request, contact Durga Mandir @ (609) 683-4015 /3760 for further information and scheduling the services.PRIVATE USE OF DURGA MANDIR HALL

Hall of Durga Mandir is available for private use (approximately 4 hours duration) for a minimum donation of $400.00. However, additional generous donations/contributions would be greatly appreciated because donations are the major source of funds to maintain the building. For guidelines and reservations, please, contact Madhu Bhalla at (609) 275-2844.GENERAL

1) Shoes are not allowed inside the Mandir Prayer Hall.
2) All adults are requested to refrain from wearing shorts in the Mandir Prayer Hall.
3) All food served in the Mandir must be strictly vegetarian and all drinks non-alcoholic.
4) Smoking is prohibited in the Mandir
5) It is necessary to leave the premises neat and clean.
6) Your active participation is needed and always appreciated.

Princeton Durga Mandir Address:

4240 NJ-27,
NJ 08540, USA
Phone: +1 609-683-4015

Princeton Durga Mandir Services, Hours

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