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Puligundu Penumur, Chittoor | Pulig Gndu Chittoor

Penumur Puligundu, also known as Puli Gundu, stands about 18 kilometers away from Chittoor, near Penumur. It’s a special mountain made of two rocks that reach a whopping 1000 feet above the ground. When you look at it from a distance, it kind of looks like a really big Shiva Lingam, which is an important symbol in Hinduism.

At the bottom of this mountain, there’s a temple dedicated to Puli Gunteeswara Swamy, who is worshipped as God Shiva. The temple has a tall and skinny peak that goes up towards the sky. And guess what? On the top of the rock, they’re building an Ayyappa temple right now.


Climbing up these rocks used to be super hard because there was no help available. But things are better now. The Government teamed up with the tourism department to put strong metal ladders in some places. This makes it easier for people to climb to the top. But even with these ladders, getting to the top is still a bit tough because the climb is very steep, and the height might make you feel a bit nervous.

Oh, and the journey isn’t a one-time thing. There are about 3 to 4 points on the way up where you’ll really need to show how brave you are. At the very top, there’s a small and thin fence that you can use to move between the two rocks.


So, Penumur Puligundu isn’t just a regular place. It’s a spot where you can witness incredible sights and also challenge your bravery. If you’re up for an adventure, this is the spot for you!

During the Makar Sankranthi festival, specifically on the ‘Kanumu’ day around January 15th each year, nearby villagers flock to the temple for a unique prayer ritual. This day sees the temple bustling with devotees, in contrast to its usual quiet state with fewer visitors throughout the year. The more adventurous visitors even ascend to the peak for an extraordinary experience. One can get an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding hills. And if luck is on your side and the wind is brisk, the sensation is simply overwhelming.

Penumur Puli Gundu Image Gallery:

Puligundu Rock Chittoor Hills: Timings and Location

Puligundu Rock Location: Near Penumuru

Climbing Time: Approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the ascent.

For those planning to ascend the rock, it’s recommended to start from the base point early in the morning. Pilgrims aiming to climb can easily spot the Puligundu rock from a distance. Its precise location can be identified from Penumuru. Aspirants for the climb should be self-sufficient by carrying food and water. Additionally, wearing suitable footwear is advised for the ascent.

To facilitate climbers, AP Tourism has made arrangements including ladders at Puligundu Rock. However, there are no restaurants or hotels in close proximity to the rock, so pilgrims should arrange their own meals and water. Furthermore, individuals undertaking the climb should exercise caution, as there won’t be immediate assistance available in case of an accident or mishap.

Here are some helpful tips for your visit to Puligundu:

  • Bring your own water bottle and food since there are no vendors or shops nearby.
  • The climb is easy to moderate, so make sure to wear trekking shoes, a cap, and sunscreen lotion.
  • Even though the sun isn’t too harsh (mainly when you reach the top), it’s a good idea to carry towels or handkerchiefs to manage any excess sweat from the climb, especially if you want to look your best in your Instagram reels.
  • As there’s no security, aim to start and finish your climb between sunrise and sunset.
  • Please help keep the place clean; it’s an ideal spot for novice trekkers seeking a family-friendly climb.

Puli Gundu Address:

Kotturu Village Road,
Chennasamudra Agraharam,
Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh 517126.

Puligundu Location:

Puligundu Penumur, Chittoor | Pulig Gndu Chittoor

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