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Ranganayaka Mandapam Inside Srivari Temple

About Ranganayaka Mandapam or Ranga Mandapam

Srivari ranganayaka_mandapamThis Mandapam was constructed in 1310- 1320 A.D. by Ranganatha Yadava Raya. the idol of Sri Ranganatha in Sri Rangam was offered worship here from 1320 – 1360 A.D.
The devotees who go for  Srivari darsan across a big mantapam called Ranganayaka Mandapam which is south of Krishnadevaraya mantapam standing on a high basement. There is a small shrine about 12 sq. feet which is kept closed.  During Muslim invasions between 1320 and 1369 A.D. the idols of Lord Ranganadha of Srirangapatnam were shifted to Sri Venkateshwara temple, Tirumala  and kept here for more than 40 years. Daily prayers and poojas were offered to him in this Mandapam. After the cessation of the Muslim invasions, these statues were once again shifted back to Sri Rangam. Yet this place is called Ranganayakula Mandapam to this day.

This mandapam is said to have been build by the king of Tirupathi, named Ranganadha Yadava Rayalu. It is in this mandapam Kalyanothsvams were performed to the Lord. But, due to the increase in pilgrim rush, daily Kalyanothsvams are performed in Sampangi Pradakshinam.

The shrine of Sri Rangantha is now closed. Various vaahanams like Hanumantha Vaahanam,  Gaja Vaahanam, Sesha Vaahanam, Garuda Vaahanam etc are kept here. This mandapam was  build by the king of  Tirupati, Ranganadha Yadava Rayalu

When president of nation, national leaders, and VIPs visit Tirumala for lord’s darshan, they are offered prasadams and blessings of the temple priests in this Ranganayaka Mandapam. Ranga-Mandapam-Tirumala

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